What is Social Selling and how can you start implementing it

What is Social Selling and how can you start implementing it

What is Social Selling? To begin we could say that it is the present and future of digital sales. Thanks to the great boom in technological implementations in different industries and the increasing digital behavior of customers, the sales and purchases processes have presented a big change that constantly reflects that selling is no longer just about exposing a product and saying “Buy it now” but, as we can see in the different digital platforms such as e-commerce and social networks, the consumer seeks a friendly and impeccable service that leads them to build a closer relationship with the brand, becoming practically friends with the “seller” and faithful followers of the values, benefits and opportunities that are offered to them.

What Social Selling is and isn't

This methodology is not only selling on social networks, neither is it digital marketing, it is a different and revolutionary methodology that if you have not applied it to your business yet, you are missing out on a great strategic opportunity that will not only increase your sales but also it will create a community of profitable relationships where your sales team will feel more motivated than ever and your customers will find the confidence they were looking for when buying a product or service and even belong to the great business opportunity that you can present them.

With this article, you will know how important and beneficial it could be to implement a Social Selling strategy for your business. Are you prepared?

Social Selling, How to start?

As we have mentioned before, Social Selling is not only about wanting to sell on social networks, you should have a plan, be committed, train the sales force for the configuration and development of their digital profiles, always be aware of the content that is published on social networks, know the trends that other companies in your industrial sector are addressing, such as your competition or independent sellers, and you cannot forget the users who are your clients. In relation to your customers, you must know them, know their behavior on the different digital platforms, the content they like to share, know how to study them to analyze what other brands or products they buy or want.

Start now!

  • Activate the corporate social networks of your company and sellers for Social Selling.
  • Learn about the best management practices on digital platforms and social networks with a focus on improving customer service through them. Go in search of maximizing the scope and potential of your business through Social Selling!
  • Arm your company and sales team with tools aligned to sell more such as email, messaging applications, replicated sites, e-commerce, and other options that allow you to properly activate your Social Selling plan.
  • Support and help your sales force to become Micro-influencers. Establish strategies that you can implement to strengthen the online presence of both the company and its sellers in order to maximize the Social Selling relationship strategies.

Implement and improve your Social Selling strategy with incredible digital tools

Using Social Selling you can maximize each of your commercial efforts and make sure that the brand message and the value you want to convey can reach more people who are your potential customers and thus develop a great plan to increase your sales.

Social Selling increases the chances that your customers buy since the messages they receive through social networks influence how your customer thinks about the brand, potentially  increasing their trust. However, all of this depends on the messages being consistent, relevant, and having a logical customer acquisition strategy. Remember, Social Selling is a great tool but it does not develop magically, you must align business strategies to the Social Selling plan.

Small Influencers trust 

Keep in mind that a big percentage of social media users have a “believe” and “trust” feeling with small influencers, that is, those people who do not necessarily have to have millions of followers but those with whom customers feel more comfortable due to they are people from their community, possibly close ones that have become or can become a reference for the products they promote, recommend and sell in addition to the lifestyle they share on their social networks. Why are we telling you this? It is fundamental to identify which people can be part of your company, in order to turn them into members of the sales force.

Social networks and digital platforms offer a great space for connections between groups of people in large numbers, which results in high degrees of relationship between different types of customers, that is, social networks and digital platforms are the perfect places to conduct many different business actions.

An opportunity that companies cannot miss

Some Social Selling Benefits

Social Selling as a trend evolves business practices such as personal visits, moving relationships to social networks and giving way to digital purchases. The purchasing processes have changed a lot, consumers are increasingly informed to make their purchasing decisions due to the large amount of information that can be found on social networks, but on the other hand, companies and sellers with great technological advances can reach more clients using these powerful digital channels through Social Selling to increase sales, the commercial team and long-term relationships with each of the clients in a close and personalized way.

Get all the benefits of Social Selling and centralize all your business operations in one place!

Differentiate the social networks for your Social Selling strategy

Social networks are the main channel where the different actions that Social Selling contains will be carried out, however, it is not the only channel to sell, that is, Social Selling can be one of your sales channels but it does not mean that it will be replacing the other commercial strategies of the company and its sales force, the Social Selling model should complement these strategies and create the perfect balance to have a path to increase digital sales.

Social media management goes beyond operational aspects, advertising budgets or content planning. To begin to better manage them and simplify commercial actions, first, it is important to identify which social networks will be part of the Social Selling strategy, they do not have to be all the social networks that exist, your Social Selling strategy must include those where you can reflect the brand values ​​of your company clearly in different formats and through different references or characters, which will be the sellers. 

To know which ones should be used, analyze your audience, research and find out which social networks your buyers, clients, target audience or potential clients frequently use in order to start building a plan where you can strengthen your online presence and not completely submerge yourself in an unknown ocean. 

By identifying the relevant social networks, you will have a greater possibility of sharing commercial or emotional content by interacting with the right audience. In addition, Evaluate the potential of each social network at the level of your industry and market, also evaluate the characteristics of your potential sellers, not only your customers, the digital tools they provide you, gather each aspect of the social network, build an outline of the ecosystem where the company will participate together with its sales force, comparing and defining which will be the best alternatives according to your business guidelines, to turn them into the field of actions where your Social Selling strategy will be maximized.

New sales strategies have always tried to establish empathy, sympathy, trust and credibility to provide the best solution to the needs of different customers. Social Selling provides an additional set of tools to reinforce the macro commercial strategy maximizing the benefits of relationships, building a solid business community rich in interactions that will translate into sales, recognition and commercial power of the company.

If you want to know more about how Social Selling can boost business sales together with other technological implementations visit our Blog and contact us so that together we can grow your commercial efforts!

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