Digital trends and opportunities for global sales growth

Digital trends and opportunities for global sales growth

In a competitive world where Digital Sales are essentials for growth, evolution is one key characteristic even more so, when technology is responsible for causing the great challenging changes in consumer buying behavior, giving them the opportunity and ability to get informed quickly, and to have the product they want available at any time.

A considerable change is evident with the arrival of new technologies at all levels, both for businesses and its clients. We have all witnessed multiple changes in the lives of our clients’, how they interact with each other, what they are looking for, the large use of social media networks, the digital experiences and, on the other hand, the modernization and digitization of strategies in companies, in all sectors, areas and levels.

Not only clients change, so do businesses. Technology has created such an impact that digitization is mandatory if you want to be competitive, especially when it comes to sales strategies and channels. Now, businesses are realizing that the solution to keep it up with our clients’ demands, is to bet on Digital Sales and the digitization of the sales force which lets them build sales communities, digital presence and therefore online sales with global reach.

Two of the most important Digital Sales opportunities for businesses are: E-Commerce and Social Selling, these two respond to the requirements clients’ for businesses online presence, community building, accessibility and experiences. With companies all around the world adopting these trends to reach new omnichannel clients, it is critical that you understand what they are and how to get your business on with them: 

Social Selling, the ideal digital strategy

If you have not yet included Social Selling in your business, you may be missing out on taking a step towards omnichannel sales. The online tools together with the high level of interactions in social networks let you get in depth knowledge of the characteristics, preferences, doubts, interests and opinions about a product or service of each user or potential client. 

Developing a Social Selling strategy turns social networks into a sales channel with a sustainable community over time, a community that is interested and fanatical of the products offered, a loyal community that is based on trust and references. If you want to know about how to start implementing a Social Selling strategy, we invite you to read our article “What is Social Selling and how can you start implementing it”

If you want to have a sales advantage, implement a Social Selling to:

The advantages and benefits do not end here, there is more! Click on the image, contact us and grow your business!

E-Commerce exponential growth and Digital Sales opportunity

E-Commerce has brought many easy to use options to buyers and the sellers, in this Digital Sales channel almost any transaction can be carried out without having to go to a physical store, the customer can get and look at the products immediately, in seconds , compare them, choose, and buy. This sales channel keeps growing, for reference, in the retail Industry the number of digital buyers worldwide keeps climbing. In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased online. During the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide (Statista 2020).

The use of E-Commerce increases every year and those who do not take advantage of the tools it offers, may not have positive results for their omnichannel strategy or reaching new consumers.

E-Commerce reduces the sales cycle by creating big opportunities for global expansion and exponential growth even more when it is accompanied by a Social Selling strategy. Why? It’s simple, Social Selling is the transporter of customers, the driver, the moderator that will guide users towards E-Commerce to generate the desired conversion. They are add-ons that when linked bring a great deal of quality benefits in customer experience, sales, and customer success.

Adaptability and customer experience for Digital Sales 

If companies offer their products on social networks with Social Selling and a great E-Commerce they will improve the customer experience, they will be able to captivate them in different schedules, formats and scenarios. The digital world offers endless ways to attract customers of all profiles, anywhere and at any time, technology lets businesses adapt and offer global customer experiences.

Nowadays, social networks together with digital shopping platforms such as E-Commerce websites, are highly used globally when looking for information about a product or service, and even to buy it, at all stages of the sales funnel these types of channels are used. There is a great opportunity to sell more! Yes, it is estimated that by 2021 there will be around 3.210 million active monthly users on social networks (Statista 2020), let’s think about it, the shopping experiences are being lived digitally! 

Be part of the trend, join the Digital Sales trends with S4DS

More efficiency, more productivity, more sales

Digital tools allow easy management of sales strategies when developing the plan, follow-up, monitoring, action calendar, the establishment of KPIs, among other commercial actions of the Social Selling digital strategy. 

Using technologies like Software for sales, Replicated Sites and E-commerce gives your business the advantage of having all the data centralized and at a single click so that sellers can access the information and prepare each sales action effectively. However,you cannot forget how important it is to train the sales force since they will not get the most out of the digital world if they are not taught to fully handle digital platforms. For this reason, it is a priority to train the sales team professionally by the hand of experts.

With our powerful tools, adaptability will be easier than ever, you will take advantage of all the opportunities in the digital age. Your E-Commerce would be at the next level, it will be scalable, able to centralize all the business processes in one place with multiple catalogs and multiple currencies, your business will be global! 

We don’t end here, you will be able to link other functionalities that are required while expanding your business in the future by providing your sales force with independent E-Commerce sites with sections for recruiting and attracting sellers. Our solutions offer the maximum benefit of the link between E-Commerce and Social Selling

Be part of the growth, join the digital trend, together we can make your business grow!

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