Invest in Technology to improve your MLM company

Invest in Technology to improve your MLM company

To have a differential factor in today’s MLM competitive market, what better than having an integrated Technology system that can generate solutions to automate and centralize all business processes on issues such as management, sales, compensation plans, logistics, online sales, globalization, on issues where the difficulty becomes simple to operate.

It is essential to invest in agile technological tools for the development of an MLM company, the wide flow of sellers, commercial processes and sales actions, require nourishment by tools that make management more effective in a way that it increases productivity while meeting strategic objectives. For this reason, we want to show you the importance of acquiring and investing in Technology to increase the profitability of your MLM business model.

The power of Technology in MLM business model

Having access to Technology is not complicated, once you discover the potential that it has for every member of your MLM network. Technology tools make life easier for all MLM companies and their sellers:

Growth projection and business expansion

Your business will have greater growth projection to compete globally and your sales team will not lose control of their commercial actions, on the contrary, they will handle them much better. With Replicated Sites and Back Offices you can centralize the information in one place and have the monitoring of commercial actions fully organized in a digitized way, so make sure that your technology provider gives you this innovative tool.

Risk Control 

The right technology reduces the probability of making mistakes in the processes of a company since the systematization, security and risk control is stronger and more powerful. Resources, monitoring and measurements will always be at hand! For example, a Software as a service accomplishes all the security requirements you need, storing each information without worrying about losing it, another element to take into account in your list of fundamental tools. 

Market positioning

Technology will help you gain position and differentiation in the market, giving you greater visibility, globalization and business opportunities with the incredible functionalities and integrations for MLM sales force management. Another example that we can highlight is E-Commerce, it is important to have a global online store, today there are no borders for the digital world, you must guarantee that an E-Commerce will be present in your technological implementations.

Better customer service

Technology tools allow MLM businesses to provide better customer service. The advantages that are achieved with customer support automation make the processes more agile, thus it will be possible to respond in less time to the inconveniences or requests that are presented with each of the clients. In this case, we will mention the use of automation tools such as Chatbots, which will help make the customer service cycle faster and easier for both the customer and the business.

Availability at all times

Technology has no limits, at any time where you need information urgently, you can access it from anywhere, there will be no worries of “lost information”. Safety is a plus when investing in Technology. Digital purchases have no schedule. Make sure that all the functionalities provided by your technology provider allow you to be available to the client at any moment.

Improve the management of the entire business

Organizing business opportunities, client portfolios and advances in strategies are tasks that take great care in MLM, on the other hand, in them, a giant flow of information is handled. We know how complex it is to manage, but don’t worry, there is a solution. Software as a service allows you to centralize all your business management in one place connecting your entire business. Ease and practicality!

At S4DS we have the Technology your business needs

S4 MLM and Direct Selling Software (SaaS)

With S4 MLM and Direct Selling Software focus on sales growth strategies! Simplify your workflows by managing your business task and seller’s actions. Take complete control of commission calculations and payments, customer processes and opportunities, product orders, inventory, CRM, reports, data management and more,  all in one system. 

Your business can grow with us. If you want to know how our Software works and the incredible functionalities it has for your MLM business, schedule your free Demo now!

Direct Sales and MLM Replicated Sites

Provide your sellers with replicated e-commerce websites to boost their sales and MLM business growth on digital channels! Let your consultants reach more clients in more locations globally to sell more by being available to clients at any time without leaving the workplace. 

With S4 Replicated Sites, your sales force can simply copy and share custom URLs with customers across multiple platforms and devices. One more step towards a digitized sales force. Besides, with our Replicated Sites you can constantly supervise and monitor the development and commercial actions of your digital sales force.

Powerful MLM E-Commerce

Keep your sales going, your orders on time, your customer service on point and your customers as fans with our S4 E-Commerce solution.

Our E-Commerce grows with you: with our modules and complete business management virtual office, you don’t need other digital tools to build your online shopping website.

Your customers can buy when they want: Integration with social media and responsive technology in all devices and search engines to guarantee the customers the business’ availability. 

An E-Commerce without borders:  we adapt to the requirements of online presence and expansion of your business. Be multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency.

Security at all levels: Our E-Commerce solution is part of our Software as a Service, the data is safe in the cloud and will be available anytime it is needed.

Automate your customer service 

Our S4 Chatbot provides mobile access to transactions for your clients,  independent sellers, and employees speeding up customer relations

  • Transfer from virtual assistants to human interactions.
  • Reach millions of customers with the messaging app’s integrations. 
  • Ease to use processes to streamline the purchasing cycle and increase sales
  • Help and supply business management for your sales representatives and consultants.
  • Accelerate the processes of recruitment sellers.
  • Accelerate and boost new customer acquisition strategies.

As you can see, Technology has become a fundamental alternative to the growth of MLM businesses. Our solutions will give you the competitive advantages you need to stand out in the market, empower your sales force to improve all business processes and increase the company’s revenue. What are you waiting to grow your business with us, contact us!

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