S4 Chatbot Solution

Our chatbot solution is a smart, automated communications channel to accelerate relationships with customers, sales, and support teams, making them more efficient and providing easy mobile access for independent vendors, employees, and customers to easy transaction flows.

Chatbot Solution


S4 Chatbot Interaction

Provide company information through predetermined automated messages that are configured in the system to respond kindly to:

  • FAQs
  • Basic answers
  • Incident log

Transfer to an agent when the user requires personalized attention through:

  • Agents of your company

Get information from our centralized Software platform for multiple actions flow:

  • See Catalog
  • Register
  • Place Orders
  • Edit profile
  • Data query
  • Request returns and exchanges
  • Get Reports


S4 Chatbot Advantages


Messaging Apps

Use it on Whatsapp, Telegram or other messaging apps.

S4DS Platform

Secure, reliable, scalable.

Easy to use technology for everyone
Close the gap between your sellers.

Customize communication

With your sellers and your customers.

Multiple Roles

Clients – Sellers- Collaborators

Easy Integration

With multiple configuration options.

Sales flow support and Platform Inquiries.

Greater Reach

For coverage in more processes.

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