What is Customer Centricity in digital experience

What is Customer Centricity in digital experience

For today’s article, we will tell you what Customer Centricity is and why it is a great alternative to improve the user and customer experience on digital platforms, enhancing the sales strategies of any business model.

Let’s start then by defining what Customer Centricity is, this concept consists of designing an entire strategy around the customer, a fully detailed plan understanding the needs, preferences and purchasing behavior of users on digital platforms, the most important thing is to look at this with “The customer’s eyes”, that is, as if you were the customer so that no important factor escapes and the entire customer journey can be understood along with their thinking when browsing, searching for products and buying.

Start converting strategies from simple but effective habits

Fundamental habits in Customer Centricity

We know that nowadays the customer is the center of the strategy when it comes to reaching the expected sales, however, on many occasions the sale is thought of in the short term but not in the long term, that is the focus of Customer Centricity, create customer retention and loyalty accompanied by sales both in the short and long term. A company with a Customer Centric approach tries to implement this long-term customer acquisition, generating solid relationships with its customers throughout the entire sales funnel journey.

Sales Funnel journey  

Sales Funnel Journey

It is essential to know the entire sales funnel, what processes it consists of, what actions to take at each stage and how the customer behaves through it, in order to achieve a clear Customer Centric plan and have control over the different sales strategies that will be carried out after structuring the plan.

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Main pillars to carry out a Customer Centric strategy

Each commercial activity that is carried out in the business has to be thought from the impact it will have on the client. All the processes, ideas, researches, all the information that is found must be taken into account since we mentioned before, this Customer Centricity will be implemented across the entire sales funnel.

Get to know the different types of customers

Knowing the customer is essential, that is why the segmentation must be carried out precisely. For example, when investigating what type of audience the company that will apply the Customer Centricity strategy has, we recommend using relevant client profile variables, such as socio-demographic, geographic, lifestyle, behavior on digital platforms, purchasing habits, buying frequency, economic ranges,  status perception, among others that can help to build the different profiles of an ideal and potential consumer. 

Companies can create different buyer personas due to the fact that they are a great way to build the correct profiles for a positive Customer Centric impact.

Listen carefully to customers

What better way to find out who the customer is and how they behave than to actively listen and pay attention to them. In this case, you may be imagining that companies must reinforce the customer service system, it would not be bad at all, but you also have to think that this is not the only communication channel with customers. 

There are several communication channels, for example, E-Commerce, social networks, blogs, e-mails, text messages and even calls; Every contact point for having interaction with the client should be analyzed, then the commercial team could formulate a clear language when carrying out the Customer Centricity strategy and thus promote closeness with the client knowing what they like, need and want.

Integrate all the information into the Customer Journey

We repeat it again, to have the expected results in a Customer Centricity plan, everything that we have mentioned so far will be integrated into the customer journey. If the segmentation strategy already has results, it is known who the customers are, their profile and characteristics, then the “Who” has already been discovered, now, if it is complemented with the “where”, that is, the interaction “places” in the Customer Journey stages, there will be a great information tool that can be used to advance between the plan phases. 

Follow these main pillars, start a Customer Centricity strategy in your business and improve for all your customers the experience they have when they interact with your brand on each channel.

Customer Centricity Benefits

Discover how to take full advantage of all the benefits of Customer Centricity through powerful S4DS technology. 

Technology for a Customer Centricity plan

As technology evolves and companies become more digital, so does the consumer, doing it in such a way that they transfer all their experience to the digital world where challenges are presented every day but where there are also great technological tools.

E-commerce to focus on Customer Centricity 

E-Commerce is one of the most used digital channels worldwide, so it is a digital opportunity that we suggest taking to give the best customer experience and increase engagement with the brand.

On many occasions you can think that opening a virtual store is easy, and well, anyone can be right, open it yes, but lead it to results focused on the customer experience through a Customer Centricity strategy, for this It takes more than just “opening an online store”, it takes an E-Commerce that contains a high level of user experience, which captures the customer not only because of its products but also for its design, its texts, its search tools and customer service systems; companies and businesses need an E-Commerce that can deliver:

  • Educational content, virtual events, and personalized offers, all the product information needed by the customer and an easy checkout process. 
  • Alerts reminding the clients about abandoned carts and related products, an interactive online store that accompanies the customer and suggests what they may be looking for.
  • Different payment and shipping options that allow easy, fast and secure purchase from anywhere the buyer is.
  • Design for any type of device, responsive design is the best way to ensure that the customer will have a pleasant browsing and shopping experience regardless of whether they are using a mobile, computer or tablet when they are shopping in E-Commerce.
  • Excellent and fast customer service, the use of Chatbots can help companies streamline these customer service processes by making them more agile and collecting important data for personalized service.

An E-Commerce that does not close in its channel and explores different levels of interaction, let me explain, an online store where improvements can constantly be made, integrating other technological tools, integrating social networks to share content or collect data for the creation of personalized accounts; a digital platform where you can measure each customer movement and promote what you want the customer to do inside and outside of E-Commerce.

Being Customer Centric is now faster with S4DS technology

Using technologies like Software as a Service, Replicated Sites and E-Commerce gives businesses the advantage of having all the data centralized and at a single click to access information faster and prepare Customer Centricity strategy actions effectively based on customers recollected data. 

With our powerful technology, Customer Centricity will be much faster, you will take advantage of all the benefits it brings. Your E-Commerce would be at the next level, it will be scalable, able to centralize all the business processes in one place, your business will be ready to take the leap towards the user experience you were looking for! 

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