S4 E-Commerce

Offering a product and allowing the customer to place an order at the same time is one of the most important reasons why e-commerce has become such an important sales channel.

Create and manage your online store and incentivize your customers, increase your income with discounts, promotional codes and more, and accept a series of secure payment options with our ready-to-use integrations and manage your business.

S4 E-Commerce Solution

S4 E-Commerce Features

Price Lists

Sort and manage products and/or services by price ranges.

Catalog filters
Using the characteristics of the products or services such as color, size, price, availability, etc.

By name, code, product feature…

Select those products you want to see again:
Comments and Reviews.
Social Media shares with addthis.

Promotions and
discount management.

– Easy to configure thanks to our rule engine.
– Offers and prizes applicable to the price of orders or to registered customer profiles.
– Coupons.

Orders Management and tracking
For consultants and clients to track their orders.

– Best Sellers
– New products
– Related and complementary products.

Wish Lists
Create, and share on social media or messaging platforms.

Multi country and multi currency

– Terms and conditions are updated for each country.
– Different catalogs for each country

Check out 
– Add Products.
– Delete products.
– Continue Shopping.
– Mandatory registration to check out.

Contact integrated to the software for handling questions, complaints, claims, suggestions and customers inquiries in general.

Business Analytics
– Information about the performance of your store.
– Reports on orders, order numbers, usage of discount codes, registered customers, abandoned orders and more.

S4 E-Commerce Advantages

From day one, our E-Commerce grows with you.

Availability 24/7

Integration with social media and responsive technology to all devices and search engines to guarantee your customers availability when and where they want to be in touch.

Be where your clients are
E-Commerce multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency.


Our E-Commerce solution is part of our Software as a Service (SaaS), your data is safe in the cloud.

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