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Direct Selling & MLM technology solutions

Boost your business, your sales, your salespeople and your clients.

MLM & Direct Selling Technology:

We are a simple and ready to use Direct Selling Software solution in the cloud (SaaS) that can boost your company’s sales processes through different sales channels (e-commerce, physical stores, social selling). Also we enable tools to manage your sales force, distributors and independent sellers (direct sales, social selling and MLM).

Our experience at your Service:

We are members of the main Direct Sales Associations in the world, and we have clients in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

With our offices in the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Colombia, we provide world-class service.

Let us show you what 25+ years of experience can do for you!


S4 Solutions

With our different solutions we serve our primary purpose: in the sustainability of our clients lies the well-being of millions of independent sellers around the world.


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