6 Trends to positively transform Direct Selling businesses in 2021

6 Trends to positively transform Direct Selling businesses in 2021

6 Trends to positively transform Direct Selling businesses in 2021. Every big business and industry evolves, consumer habits change, business processes change, and even more so with the strange year we have left behind, change is imminent.

In the case of Direct Selling, it is no exception, the way of relating and selling in today’s Digital world has led different small, medium and large companies to think about how to respond to the demanding searches for products, services and impeccable attention required by customers who are increasingly informed today. This has also led companies and vendors to look for alternative sales channels, agile and efficient technological tools that maximize each of the commercial efforts that their corporate force carries out in all aspects of the business.

At S4DS our duty is to positively impact millions of people through technological solutions in addition to providing vital information to companies so that they are aware of the great opportunities and Trends of the fabulous Direct Selling industry. Today we want to share with you some of them that cannot be missed if you want to positively transform results in 2021 and take business processes to the next level.

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Digital shopping is the present, not just the future

In recent years, Direct Selling has been looking to improve the shopping experience and transform the lives of new customers through memorable moments for “customer success”. Some years ago a big percentage of Americans found it “unreliable” to buy online since they could not see and touch what they were buying. To date, companies have responded and have transformed it into a trend, many businesses and sellers have opted to invest in the resources that are possible to have a Digital experience that meets all customer expectations where products are more detailed than never. But in what resources have they invested? Accelerated investment has been made in the use of Digital tools such as E-Commerce, affiliate portals, Digital shopping carts and replicated websites to carry out these operations.

Global sales forces

By 2020 the sales forces expanded, now that the world is increasingly Digital, by 2021 there will be no border. Through affiliate programs, MLM, network marketing, social media, among other concepts, tools and platforms, the call to belong to the different business opportunities offered by Direct Selling does not have age, gender or nationality. However, we want to highlight the young sales force that is becoming more and more noticeable in Direct Selling, their flexibility to change and the new levels of commission payments have made them become a diamond for Direct Selling companies. 

There are no borders! No matter where you are in the world there will be a business opportunity in this industry, not only waiting, but motivating more and more by the teams of influencers, the majestic Social Selling through different Digital platforms with shipments around the world and Direct Selling training in different regions, basically, the sales force in 2021 will not have territorial limits, so it will be essential to experiment and open new markets.

Versatility in payment systems

Payment systems on Digital platforms used to be a headache for both customers and companies in previous times, now in 2021, the trend marks huge flexibility of payment systems, that is, now companies and sellers through Technologies such as SaaS and multi-country, multi-currency E-Commerce will be able to provide a wide range of secure payment options for any customer anywhere in the world.

To rectify this, the Worldpay FIS 2020 Global Payments Report predicts that Digital wallet transactions will be over 52% of all transactions globally by 2023, demonstrating an acceleration of this trend within the Direct Selling Industry. in 2021. As companies implement the right technology, there will be greater competition, attraction and retention of distributors and customers.

Data and documentation security

Both businesses and customers are always looking for data security, the staggering amount of data continues to fuel the need for Direct Selling companies to invest in the highest levels of data security available in 2021. For example, the trend of hiring Software as a Service (SaaS) technology providers where the data policy ensures maximum security and compliance.

Design of Digital platforms and data optimizations

The new devices and interconnected technology forced companies in the industry to redesign their businesses to optimize them on Digital platforms, focusing on establishing all kinds of Digital channels for computers, mobile and tablets devices. Consumers will be able to satisfy their “User Experience” needs in 2021 as they will be offered more meaningful information based on data and analysis of their behavior which will be abstracted from their interactions and device integrations. Buying and selling “what you need and want” will automatically be transformed into a trend.

Social Selling as “The essential”

The rising popularity of Social Selling has shown that the concept of “traditional selling” is disappearing.

The idea of social selling has had a great evolution and expansion. However, if in the previous two years it was simply advisable to understand the concept, in 2021 Social Selling is one of the mandatory practices for Direct Selling businesses to achieve the sales results businesses and sellers want.

Instead of trying to sell the product, an idea must be planted in the minds of potential customers and further developed, prioritizing “Customer Success” not just “Customer Service”. Always seeking to be at the “Top of mind” of each client through content, experiences, valuable information, concepts, training, promotion, is to put aside the “offer a product with the price” and create Social Media and neuromarketing strategies through the entire Customer Journey.

As you can see, there are several Trends in Direct Selling related to technology that aims to automate and further digitize sales by 2021. There are also many Trends related to optimizing customer relationship management and guaranteeing customization. Everything points to the fact that we continue in an Industry that does not stop focusing on the client globally, awarding what the customer wants in terms of interaction, purchase and experience.

We will continue to discuss more Trends in the Direct Selling industry for 2021 on our Blog, as well as guide you through different technological alternatives to strengthen your entire business.

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