What experience should you offer in the Back Office?

What experience should you offer in the Back Office?

Every business requires a functional digital structure to remain active in all its business processes, delivering an experience that adds value to Consultants workflows and greater efficiency in everything that involves customer management. 

For that functional digital structure, a Back Office is a tool with which it is possible to promote what we have mentioned above, it can also be implemented regardless of the size of the business or the model that it is developing at the moment. This powerful tool that lately has been receiving a great deal of attention from Consultants, has increasingly become an element that facilitates commercial management since it can handle a large part of the fundamental actions for a company to generate profitable results and more benefits throughout the entire business ecosystem.

In a Back Office, Consultants can carry out actions such as:

  • Control of orders.
  • Documentation and reports.
  • Resolution of complaints and claims.
  • Management and monitoring of customer requirements.
  • Data recovery and verification.
  • Automations in workflows.
  • Centralization of communications.

And many more…

Once knowing what a Back Office is and the advantages it can bring to different types of business. What experience should be guaranteed to Consultants when using it?

Before delving deeper, let’s clarify, a Back Office must integrate the necessary tools to be able to carry out the work of the Consultants so that the effectiveness and efficiency in each commercial action can be up to the client’s demands.

To provide the best experience in use and results, make sure that the Back Office have:

Complete Consultant profile settings 

It is very important to facilitate the flow of information to obtain quick results: 

  • The information of the Consultant as code, telephone, address, delivery address, name, surname, email.
  • Option to publish articles with descriptive information or important notification to announce to the network. 
  • Personal website options to impulse platforms in the sales force. 
  • Goals option to assign different tasks and objectives in short or long-term periods. 
  • Financial info option to define the payment methods. 
  • Delivery address and AutoShipping: an option to edit, change, or automatically place the delivery address where the consultant or client will receive the order, in addition to allowing the configuration of the automatic sending of orders.

Training Material 

If you want the Consultants results to keep increasing again and again to a higher level, you must provide them with easily accessible professional educational material with a download option to get all the support material or important information such as catalogs, price list, instructions, guides, which has been arranged by the sales channel administrator.

Commissions Indicators 

Make sure that the Back Office shows the progress of Commissions and the options your business compensation plan has. Seeks to inform the Consultant the state in which it is located due to its personal scope as well as its network: 

  • Movement of commissions that has had in recent periods.
  • Graph the total sales by months, by currency, by country.
  • Indicators of the movements of the Consultant’s network.
  • Indicators of personal commission, as well as by teams and sales volumes according to set goals. 

Orders Management

Showing the current status of the orders allows better management and processing of the same. It would be excellent if it is displayed depending on whether they are: deleted, in progress, canceled, invoiced or auto shipping. 

We have reached the end of the article, what we have presented previously are fundamental pieces that from S4DS we think that a Back Office should have. However, they are not the only ones.

Discover our Back Office tools and Replicated Sites, with them you will not only have the fundamental pieces but many more functionalities to improve and optimize each commercial action of your Consultants.

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