We got all the tools to turn consultants into your brand influencers. In this page we present how every time a consultant logs in  to manage their business what they see and the features they can take advantage of to maximize their sales efforts
    • The information of the consultant is shown as: code, telephone, address, delivery address, name, surname, email.
    • Profile option: you can change the avatar and update the password.
    • Edit Profile option:
    1. User data: you can update the name to display, update password.
    2. Personal data: identification document, name, surname, date of birth and gender are shown.
    3. Contact: you can update landlines, cell phones and email.
    4. Residence address: the address can be updated in case of moving or changing it.
    • Option to Publish Article: record is created with information or important notification to announce to the network, this announcement goes with a date of publication and an expiration date indicating the period by which it will remain visible to all.

    • Personal website option: here the link is configured to access the consultant’s micro site as a personal and direct sales channel, you can configure your social networks and impulse platforms in the sales force. Take into account that the micro site link is followed by the corporate url / site name.

    • Goals option: the goal you want to achieve is assigned.

    • Option Legal texts: the terms and conditions or documentation required by the affiliation are listed.

    • Financial info option: define the payment methods or institutions by which the payment transactions will be executed. The Institution is placed, the type of account and the number of the account.

    • Option Delivery address: you can edit and change the delivery address where you will receive the order. In this option, autocomplete is enabled.

    • AutoShipping option: allows the configuration of the automatic sending of orders.

    • Payment methods option: register and save the card you use frequently to pay for purchases made. You must fill in the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, AMX, or other that is parameterized), in the number of the card, the expiration date and the security code.
  • In this option you can create personal business cards that show: title, name, surname, the message and number of cards to generate.

    • This process generates a PDF that can be saved, sent by mail, send to print.

    • The issuance of personal cards facilitates the scope and coverage of the business through other people.
  • From this option you can download all the support material or important information such as: catalogs, price list, instructions, guides, which has been arranged by the sales channel administrator.

  • You can work with images, PDF, files in Word or Excel.

    • Document.
    • First name.
    • Surname.
    • Level of the network
    • Rank.
    • Internal code.
    • State.
    • Customer type.

      This option allows you to visualize the status of clients that are active, reactivated: that have been temporarily deactivated and then resumed the business, the number of registrations, the people who were inactivated. This visualization can be done through a graphic in the main panel of the option.

      You can filter to perform a search by:

    .- Depending on the filter used and how it is used, it can be shown to one or several people.

    .- From the Information button of the customer’s network: you can consult the records of the people created under the consultant and who have made purchases.

    .- From the button to send mail to the network: you can, depend on the recipient to send an email to one or more people, that is, example: if you select Level 1: send all those in your network who are at that level. If you select an immediate leader, you only send a person who is your sponsor.

    The subject must be placed, the template available to be sent with the mail and an additional mail can be added that is not defined within the recipient’s selection.

    The message is written and sent massively.

    .- Draw Network Tree Option: shows not only the direct people who registered under the consultant, but also those who are below them. It is shown with a + expandable symbol.

    From this same screen you can register new clients in 2 ways:

    1-. Basic extended: ask for all the complete information such as: appendix data of contact numbers, delivery address, document loading.

    2-. New registration: it is a fast register where it asks for the minimum information necessary to create the client, only with basic information such as: name and surname, address, email, telephone, password, identification documents and accept terms and conditions.

  • Here all the cases or consultations made from the contact form or contact us, allows the management of each case reporting as: issue answers, change the status, assign them for your attention, send mail or answer notes.

    Note that:

    .- Through a graph in the main screen you can view in a general way the number of cases reported by states as they are: open, processed, expired, to expire. 100% parameterizable.

    .- You can apply filters by type of incidents (as defined), current status, case number, date, priority. You can show 1 or more records according to the filter used.

    .- New incidents can be loaded for handling, from the new button filling the requested fields.

    .- It can be massively loaded using a template that is handled on the same option Load Data-> download template, the structure of it must be respected to ensure the correct loading of the data and correct operation of the process.

    .- From the Export Data button: you can download the information of all the cases for a better manipulation and analysis of the data.

  • The first thing that is visualized is a graph with the current status of the orders which allows a better management and processing of the same. They are displayed depending on whether they are: deleted, in progress, canceled, invoiced or auto shipping. 100% parameterizable.

    By the filters option you can see the orders by:

    • Country.
    • Currency.
    • Cycles
    • Sold to.
    • State.
    • Periods
    • Products.
    • Invoice Number

    You can register new orders from the quick access: Enter Orders, (bear in mind that a lost can be made in the name of a different person). The product (s) is selected, the payment is made and the invoice is generated. Keep in mind that this is a fast process and that the visualization of the process is not like that of the main purchase option.

  • The option of events allows the creation and management of parties, schedule date, time, duration, place, invitation templates, reminder, acknowledgments, type of event: virtual party, launch party, home party.

    To see in detail how this works go to: Party Plan Management

  • It is a 100% parameterizable general view where the consultant’s rank is displayed according to how it is defined in the scaling levels network.

    Note that:

    • It shows the movement of commissions that has had in recent periods.
    • Graph the total sales by months, by currency, by country.
    • Shows the indicators of the movements of the consultant’s network.
    • It shows indicators of personal commission, as well as by teams and sales volumes according to set goals. According to the parameterization it shows the commissionable and the qualifiable.
    • The main purpose of this option is totally analytical, seeks to inform the consultant the state in which it is located due to its personal scope as well as its network.
  • Shows the reports assigned by the administrator, including: sales, payments, orders, network. This information can be exported for further analysis and manipulation of the data.

    TimeLine Option: Operates as an internal network of the application where you can post YouTube videos, photos, images, related links, public notes or for someone specific. Each publication can be placed a note or like.

    It shows indicators such as: last orders billed (allowing to see the detail of each one), weekly news (published articles), orders from the network.

    Dashboard 100% parameterizable.

  • The postal code must be entered to define the% tax to be applied if applicable. In the USA, we work with avalara who has defined the tax application% depending on the locality.