Technological Solutions for Alternative Sales Channels

Technological solutions to provide opportunities for people

Alternative sales channels and new technological solutions are some of the efforts businesses are making to reach broader audiences and increase sales. With a new “normality” of digital interactions, online relationships, and physical distance, we are more connected than ever, and at S4DS we have decided to work on solutions for businesses to provide opportunities on what we believe is the present of digital sales: people.

As a technology services provider, we are convinced that in the well-being of millions of people, there is the sustainability of our companies. We present to you, our solutions to increase sales in multiple alternative digital channels:

MLM & Direct Selling with replicated sites

Let your consultants reach more customers in more locations, sell more, and be available for clients 24/7, all without leaving home, and with your constant supervision of their digital sales development. Provide them with replicated websites with E-Commerce so they continue and grow your direct sales and MLM businesses on digital channels.

With replicated sites, your affiliates and Influencers can just copy and share their personalized URLs to their clients on multiple platforms and devices. One more step to a digitized sales force and moving towards Social Selling.

Let us work with you to increase the digital sales power of your independent sellers with our powerful replicated websites for your consultants:

  • Personalized URL
  • Personalized Profile Information
  • Social Media integrations
  • Social Media management
  • Connected back office for consultant’s business management

Powerful, scalable, and ready to use S4 E-Commerce

Every day, more businesses discover that having an online presence with an option to shop is far better than not having it. With customers demanding seamless shopping experiences and information available anytime, anywhere, businesses continue working to deliver the best possible online experience on their websites and e-commerce platforms. 

Get your Social Selling channel going with S4DS

Social Selling is the union between e-commerce and selling through independent sellers, empowered in the social media networks of sellers.

At S4DS we have designed an implementation plan with both consultancy and workshops ready for your business to increase digital sales and offer business opportunities to your followers and collaborators with Social Selling.

Let us accompany and guide you and your sales force through this digital transformation process and implement this business model with all the power of your people in digital sales channels.

Empower the people on your sales force

We are close to launching our own e-learning for digital sales, S4 Academy. Train your sellers to work from home, enabling them with digital business opportunities to continue generating income and thus, close social gaps with technology.

With social media, almost anyone can become more influential and share effective content to use their networks as a promotion channel. The Social Selling trend keeps evolving faster and pushing businesses to look beyond conventional sales and marketing channels. Today, anybody with the right tools and training can become the best seller of their personal brand and therefore, the best seller for any product or service. 

Be where and when your clients want you with S4 Chatbot

Provide express mobile access to transactions for your clients,  independent sellers, and employees. 

Speed up customer relations, sales, and support teams, making them more efficient.

  • S4 Chatbot is the first contact with consumers, for sales and customer service.
  • Transfer from virtual assistants to human interactions.
  • You can reach millions of customers, with the integrations with messaging apps. 
  • Ease purchasing processes for customers, increasing sales.
  • Facilitate business management for your sales representatives.
  • Accelerate the processes of recruitment sellers and new customers.
  • Hasten requests to purchase process.

Let’s talk, and discuss how our solutions can help your business reach new digital markets. 

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