Chatbots and Direct Selling: Technology for all consultants

Chatbots and Direct Selling: Technology for all consultants

Chatbots are software applications that mimic human conversations and interactions based on predetermined texts and actions triggered by user commands.

Key points of chatbots in Direct Selling to increase sales

Most of the people with access to the internet have come across a Chatbot, this technology has been part of online interactions in the last 20 years and their reach continues growing as more data and artificial intelligence is dedicated to making them better. With the correct use of Chatbot technologies, by putting them at the service of people, companies can benefit greatly to increase digital sales and empower more sellers.

From our series on technology filling the gaps between people for Direct Selling businesses. Today, we are discussing Chatbots as a piece of technology that can help to complete the puzzle for many companies to offer digital solutions to their independent sellers. 

We have decided to include Chatbots in our list of technologies that are great to close a technological gap between Direct Selling consultants/representatives because it can be implemented with simple tools like messaging apps or websites to support the digital sales of those consultants who might not be as tech-savvy as others in our networks, and that need simpler technologies to manage their business, while still being able to sell online.

Chatbots are smart systems that take over the operational task of a basic conversation with sales representatives or with customers and can be programmed to provide basic customer service and support, or, to get clients in live conversations with a person that will solve their request, and ultimately Chatbots can have transactional systems to complete orders and queries. Let us guide you through these objectives and your business can benefit from each.

Chatbots facilitating transactions for Customers and Sellers:

There are different ways in which digital sales can benefit from Chatbots :

1. First contact for consumers:

With a Chatbot for direct selling, your business can exceed expectations on customer service by offering faster answers24/7 responses and attention to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to your customers and your network of consultants.

With a Chatbot solution, customers can solve their first questions and basic interactions to then be transferred to human support in case it is required, but as the first touchpoint, a  Chatbot can offer a seamless customer support experience when it comes to operational data like orders information, delivery times or delivery updates.

2. Seamless transfer from virtual assistance to human interactions:

Chatbots offer advancements in customer support and customer experiences. The clear second step after having a basic Chatbot that offers customers operational information is one that can transfer the conversation from an exchange of information to a human in case the customer requires it, and if your Chatbot does it, the benefits are amongst other, these: convenience that turns into happier customers, faster problem resolution, increase in sales and cross-sales.

3. Advanced level Chatbots are transactional:

The third level of having a structured Chatbot tool is having it supporting transactional operations for your customers and sales representatives (if you have them):

Facilitating purchases for Customers:

Take advantage of your sales processes in different ways:

1- Integrating digital catalog options like i-Paper that allow product display and selection for purchase within messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram without making customers go to a website. Become a “self-service” tool for customers without being an E-Commerce.

2- Automizing the transaction process by integrating payment processors on your Chatbot.

3- Offering messaging app Chatbot profiles to place orders by sales representatives on behalf of their clients.

4- Offering messaging app Chatbot profiles to place orders from customers.

5- For Direct Selling companies, having message flows within theChatbot for consultants to register new customers and new consultants in their networks.

Facilitating business for sales representatives:

Chatbots become an ally for the business management of distributors and on the field sales representatives, acting as a business tool that talks to sellers whenever they need information about their company.

Chatbots for Marketing Purposes:

Chatbots are more interactive and have a higher rate of response than emails. Companies can benefit from the use of transactional Chatbots for their marketing practices to increase product knowledge and sales among their distributors and motivate customers’ engagement with the promotions of their products. With many companies having large databases of their customers’ phone numbers and the statistics of the use of messaging apps, there are many marketing campaigns that can be conducted via Chatbots and potentially have higher interactions and response rates. 

Sales force training:

Move from massive email campaigns to your consultants’ mobile phone. With a Chatbot and your network information, you can program fun ways to deliver interactive information to train your consultants via Chatbot. 

Chatbots in Direct Selling:

For companies with structured sales forces, Chatbots have extra benefits:

Supporting Enrollment processes in Direct Selling:

Attract new members to your network by simplifying the process to an enrolment conducted answering simple questions on your Chatbot on the website or in integration with a messaging app. Also by programming the answers to some basic questions about your business and compensation plan that might be critical for newcomers in their enrollment process.

Chatbots in Direct Selling, a new way for Consultant’s business management:

Offer easy access to common virtual office information requests like commissions calculations, rank, total sales of the period, number of orders placed, the number of people on their network and more, just by making sure your Chatbot is connected with your Direct Selling Software, and grant access to their information requests any place at any time with a message between your consultants and the Chatbot.

S4DS Software Solutions for Direct Selling, empowering consultants with technology 

We are constantly working to deliver the ultimate technology developments to our clients, for them to offer more seamless purchase experiences and digitalize their sales forces

Our latest launch is a Chatbot that works integrated with messaging apps directly with our Software Solution to speed up customer relations, sales, and support teams, making them more efficient, and providing simple mobile access to your independent sellers, employees, and clients to easy transactional flows:

For customers:

  • To place orders.
  • To request orders delivery information.

For Consultants/resellers:

  • To place orders.
  • To register new customers.
  • To register new consultants.
  • To get information from their virtual offices.
  • To check commissions and network.

For Sales managers/leaders:

  • To check orders from their network.
  • To register new representatives.
  • To place orders.

For employees: 

  • Interactions for decision making.

For companies: Our software can provide you with a one-stop solution for implementing transactional Chatbots with a Backend for your business in which you will configure and operate:

  • Catalog.
  • Clients management.
  • Orders management.
  • Customer Support Tickets.
  • Third-party integrations if required.

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