E-Learning to train in Social Selling: Empower sales force

Social Selling training

We are all experiencing big changes in our businesses and continue thinking about how we can keep on working during times like these, Social Selling is one way. And this anxiety is extra when the business depends largely on store sales and foot traffic or door to door sales, like in most cases for Direct Selling businesses.

During social distancing, we keep hearing in the news that technology is going to play a very important role in the recovery of the economy. Like we haven’t heard that enough, right? But it’s true, with large teams in many companies working from home, big events suspended, retail openings postponed for months and social gatherings being basically illegal until further notice. Remote working, e-commerce, social media live events, digital meetings, digital services, and of course Social Selling receive a new connotation in the base of the economy and a new status as the main, or even only sales channels for many businesses. 

The Social Selling opportunity as a new digital sales channel is out there for every business that wants to take a step into the Low Touch Economy while at the same time growing their business presence online through the networks of those who will sell their products. 

Low Touch Economy and Social Selling

To accelerate Sales, our behaviors have to change, and the measures we should be taking today are going to frame the actions for our midterm and long term future operations given that this situation is going to change patterns of consumption, interaction, and therefore sales

The Low Touch Economy situation had put us in front of new opportunities:

  • A large sales force created by unemployment and people looking for new income-generating options.
  • A cycle of social paradigms changing that will stick in our culture.

Social Selling for everyone

Social Selling is a sales channel in which people/sellers are enabled to use their social media as a mean of attraction to clients based in our brands’ affinity with their personalities, their interactions and the engagement with the content we generate for them, allowing people to generate an income for themselves and therefore new sales for companies. 

Social Selling has many benefits for both, companies, and people: 

  • It offers an opportunity to reach many new clients through social media and turn them into customers.
  • It allows more connections in new markets.
  • Strengthens social interaction between humans.
  • It is inclusive and gets more people involved in close digital relationships.
  • It is engaging.
  • It offers a digital sales channel based on human interaction during social distancing times. 
  • It can turn clients into brand ambassadors and ultimately into sellers.
  • It is the future of a merger between E-Commerce and Direct Selling.

Before you implement: Keys to understand Social Selling

  1. It is not about having people reposting product pictures and E-commerce links, it is about driving sales from delivering recurring value and nurturing engagement from relationships.
  2. Social Selling is a multi-teams effort in which Marketing, Sales, Communications, Content, Logistics and social sellers work together to deliver outstanding customer experiences and customer service.
  3. A powerful content factory created to attend the constant flow of information to the sellers and, processing all the collected data from the sales derived from them to create a cycle of value delivering through branded content is key to a successful plan of social selling. 
  4. Training, training, training, because your social seller cannot, will not and should not be left alone at any point in the Social Selling process. 

Training, training, training. Get your sellers started the right way

Training sellers is one of the keys to have them continuously interested in using their social media for income generation and to make this digital sales channel sustainable. Social Selling training has to cover different areas of the business:

  1. The business model

Training and easy to understand FAQs have to be constantly handled to sellers as they join the company, in order to have a clear understanding and motivation on: 

  • Compensation plan
  • Incentives
  • Earnings ranks
  • Payment flows
  • Payment providers
  1. The products

To have a social sales force that represents your business and your products correctly, you have to find creative ways of keeping them trained and excited about: 

  • Catalog of products
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product benefits
  • Product Ingredients
  • Pricing lists
  • Discounts
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Product launches
  1. The Social Selling channel

Yes, this might sound odd, but your sellers’ Social Selling channel is not just their social media profiles, they can also reach more potential clients and deliver better customer experiences using other tools like:

  • Replicated e-commerce websites
  • Chatbots that offer 24/7 customer service
  • Mobile phone
  • Video Conference online tools
  • Messaging apps
  1. The technology that supports your Social Selling channel

Your Social Selling channel is not complete until you have a powerful tech ally that can unify the business requirements and tools for all the internal teams and for the sellers in a scalable way. And once you have the technology, you have to offer training to your sellers on:

  • Digital channels to interact with the company
  • How to use their replicated e-commerce websites
  • How to use their virtual offices
  • Any changes in their virtual offices
  • Data management and analysis for their business

S4DS Software Solutions for Social Selling Companies to empower Sellers

We have worked to develop great features and tools for companies to have Social Selling Channels and empower their independent sellers to step up their Social Selling game:

For companies:

  • Transactional Chatbot integration for messaging apps
  • Internal timeline for notifications and messaging
  • Completely integrated CRM for mass emailing and communication
  • Corporate backoffice for business configuration and management of complete Social Selling Channel
  • We are close to launching our own e-learning for digital sales, our S4 Academy. This new solution will come to integrate our portfolio as part of our business purpose of delivering technology to close social gaps and enable millions around the world to generate an income even when they cannot leave their homes. 

For Sellers:

  • Replicated e-commerce websites for sellers
  • Virtual offices for sellers’ business management
  • Access to their own chatbot profile to offer customer service and sales transactions

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