How to create a Social Selling channel during Social Distancing

How to create a Social Selling channel during Social Distancing in Direct Selling?

We are all thinking about how the economy will be when we come out of this social distancing times that came upon us and our businesses, and the truth is that while the economy will be recovering, interactions are not going to be the same, not for a while. We are going to have to take some social distancing precautions for months, large events are going to be highly regulated and all of us are going to have concerns even about visiting our friends and family. And wait, if you put all that in the perspective of the millions of direct sellers and Direct Selling companies around the world it sounds way scarier.

Our Direct Selling industry is going through a challenging phase, but instead of thinking about downsizing, or how to not keep losing sellers, companies should be dedicating all their efforts to find a bright path for the future. Because as a social industry we all have the community responsibility to keep thinking about the millions of independent sellers in the world that get an income from the Direct Selling industry and how in their sustainability, relies the sustainability of our businesses.

Social Selling in Direct Selling

We have talked about this for a while, but today, as a provider for Direct Selling companies we feel more responsible to share with our clients the importance of a strong Social Selling channel to leverage the power of our sellers, stay relevant and work our way successfully out of the social distancing quarantine. 

E-commerce alone is not enough, and we have sadly seen how some companies have rushed to launch their e-commerce websites to try to take over the crisis naively passing over their independent sellers in a desperate move to move their sales to digital. But, Social Selling is the future of E-Commerce, it is the next step for direct selling companies, in order to maintain their powerful large sales forces motivated and working. 

But there is a trick, implementing a social selling channel does not happen in a day, it is not something that you can naturally expect from your independent sellers, just because it runs in their social media profiles. The decision to implement successful social selling practices in your direct selling business has to start in the corporation, from a mentality change into the future of human relations, interactions and the future of the business aligned with those. 

We have put together a very powerful plan for the implementation of Social Selling practices during social distancing times because we understand the challenge, we understand the digital channels and we know the sales forces.

Implementing a Social Selling channel for Direct Selling

1. Business Design changes

Social Selling’s main goal is to generate relationships that turn into purchases and therefore sales increase, these practices intervene in the entire customer journey map, and therefore have to be considered from the strategic business plan to the marketing and commercial plan and finally in the training of the sales force.

When implementing a digital sales channel for Social Selling, make sure you go through:

  • Purpose & Core values.
  • Business Model.
  • Strategic Map.
  • Customer Journey.
  • Portfolio adaptability for new market needs.
  • Omnichannel Supply chain management.
  • System Map.
  • Customer success channels, strategies, roles and responsibilities.
  • Legal support for the corporate and the consultants.
  • Financial Plan.

2. Adapting Operations

Once you have carefully adopted your business strategic plan to open this new collaborative digital sales channel, it is time to review all the required operational changes that your company will have to go through and the new or adapted processes that will be taking place to have it running. Here a very delicate process has to be fully developed and implemented, your Content Factory becomes the spine of the process because it is the integrator for all processes and services that take place along all the stages of the customer success journey or customer funnel, and that with the implementation of the Social selling digital channel have to be aligned.

  • Content Factory Development and construction.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Inbound Marketing and Sales.
  • Marketing and Sales plan, roles and responsibilities.
  • Sales force training on the business, products, and commissions.

3. Required Tools for Successful Social Selling

Technology and digital transformation are enabling new levels of performance in marketing, sales and customer service. Rising expectations of consumers are driving the need for change.

Customers expect more than ever and are better informed. They want to be made aware of products and services that are relevant to their needs at the moment. The buying process needs to be simple and efficient, informative, relevant and seamless across all channels, and this omnichannel service needs to operate 24/7.

These tools are particularly critical in Social Selling processes because your sellers need a virtual office in which they can track the effort that their Social Selling practices are getting, especially since now they are not going to be directly placing orders for their clients, but they are going to be focused on maximizing their online reach and presence and waiting that those practices make their actual and new clients place orders with their affiliate links and consultant codes. 

4. Sales Force training on Social Selling in Direct Selling

Empowering your sales force of independent representatives in times like these is more important than ever before. The income of millions of sellers is waiting for your business to take the step into social selling because they cannot do it themselves. The implementation is not complete until you take hands-on the training process of the sellers, and carefully train them into how to push the business with their social media while keeping a strong brand image and structure. And to help you in this, we have also made a product with complete training for direct selling sales forces into social selling that includes:

  • Social Media platforms, profiles, management.
  • Social Media as a customer service tool.
  • Creating a personal brand.
  • Using company generated content.
  • Creating content for sales in social media.
  • Creating online meetings and parties.
  • Virtual office management.

S4DS Solutions for Direct Selling and Social Selling

At S4DS we have created a complete plan for implementation of a Digital Sales channel with Social Selling and also a complete E-Learning for your sales force training, so send us an email, give us a call, let us know how your business needs a Social Selling partner, we are here to share our extensive Direct Selling and technology knowledge with you. Let’s strengthen the direct selling industry together!

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