How Direct Selling can overcome social distancing?

Direct Selling during social distancing times

We are living in a very special situation for our era, pandemics are not something we talk about every day and that no matter how prepared our countries are, it is never going to be easy to face and take actions that do not disturb our life. But these life disturbances do not have to be bad, we are part of an industry that relies on social interactions, but that has adapted and grown into a digital business for many entrepreneurs for years, it can have its biggest positive or negative turn with the situation we are living in. So what do you think, Direct Selling can make a milestone out of this social distancing period?.

We believe it can, and we believe we can all be part of the way it will. Tough times are temporary and they never last forever. The way that we all consumers – representatives – corporations react and respond is what will determine how we come through. 

The challenge of solidarity and change in our customs that the world is facing today does not mean that the economy has to stop, we all have to go to work or work from home, and in any case, it means that we have to be more disciplined, more responsible, more aware of our actions and how we handle the situation. 

As humans, we are subjects to evolution, and as part of an industry that depends if not entirely in human interaction, it is time to look the cup half full and take evolution in our hands to be an example of success for the millions of independent sellers around the world that need good news, good support, good technologies, good information, and good training. With social distancing, Direct Selling companies can make the best to invest in the self-improvement of the sellers’ skills, train them in developing their digital sales capabilities, give a try to use digital marketing positioning for your business, review business practices, build a powerful digital network for your company with the use of technology.

Today we want to go further than the discussion most media outlets are having these days, we are going to present to you actual strategies you can implement in your Direct Selling company so the consultants do not feel abandoned in this social distancing times, so they do not feel that the traditional sales channels are the only option, to teach them how your Direct Selling business model takes these times of social distancing and turns them into an opportunity:

Social Selling Training for your consultants:

  • Engage your consultants into conference calls with your corporate and among themselves.
  • Teach your network how to use live video options through different media platforms, with live video they can interact with their networks, answer questions, teach how to use different products and build closer interactions with those that participate. Both Facebook and Instagram have great live video streaming services.
  • Teach them to offer consultancies online for their clients, on how to use the products, how often to use them, recipes with them, or how to wear it on an outfit.
  • Share with them information in different formats about how to create, edit and post videos in their different social media portals for their clients.

Strategic digital actions from the corporate:

  • Focus your message on your product advantages and your value proposition.
  • Make sure you are still producing a lot of content, both, related and unrelated to the situation. It is not necessary to ignore it, your content has to be realistic while communicating a feeling of peace and determination to overcome the crisis together with and for your consultants.
  • Keep your brand Social Media presence active.
  • Strengthen your omnichannel presence, use your digital sales to tell people how you offer multiple purchasing options for all their preferences in different sales channels, and use the time to invest in strategies to integrate all your sales channels into more seamless shopping experiences. 
  • Offer online customer service, through your Social Media profiles, phone lines and install a webchat. And make sure you have people attending all these channels efficiently and effectively.
  • Stay connected and encourage your distributors to be connected with you, make sure they feel the business keeps going, that they can still generate an income from the new actions you are teaching them to take and that the company is there to support them.
  • Make sure to offer contact availability, via phone and online, this is different from customer service, this is a support line for your consultants, for all their business-related questions.
  • Provide online sales training interactive sessions, active courses they can join through the day, just like you’d do sales conventions, make online conferences and keep them up to date with how your company is facing the situation, how they can address the business if they require, how they can continue their sales actions online, how they can use multiple modules in their online offices, etc…
  • Share tutorials and “how to use” videos for your consultants to share with their networks, different from the videos you are teaching them to create, these are company generated, professionally made to help them push the products with a better look in their profile and stories.
  • Create webinars, with your best content producers, so they interact with your consultants and even consumers live.
  • Conduct online surveys about favorite products and ways to use them, use this time to get to know your audience, both sellers and consumers, invite them to give you feedback, all that information can be useful when things go back to normal to create marketing campaigns, plan new catalogs, re-stock some items and develop new products.
  • Create and share “Social Selling Challenges” to incentivize your distributors to be active in those sales channels, contests, points, rewards…
  • Be careful with the content you are posting, make sure there is available inventory.
  • Teach your consultants the different free online tools they can use to have video conferencing with their customers, there are many platforms online out there, choose the one that works better based on your conference needs (more free time, or more people, or more sharing, chat, etc…) and send them those results so they use them.
  • Re-target your customers with the data your company has. You can create campaigns to target those who have bought from you in the past and get them to purchase again, or get them to connect with your brand in social media to stay up to date with your company content in the future.
  • Do not let panic take over your communication and run campaigns of prevention, help and social consciousness.
  • Recognize that during the most difficult times, it is time to change and plan for the future, think about new niches of clients, and start approaching them online via paid advertisements.
  • Improve your social media profiles and activate all the social shopping options they offer like a direct link with your e-commerce to offer convenience to shoppers.
  • Monitor your independent sellers’ social media practices, prevent them from sharing false or deceiving information about the situation or the characteristics of your products.
  • Check on your numbers and evaluate the possibility to give a portion of your sales to a charity program, giving in times like this is good for those in need and for your brand.

Have you seen what all these have in common? They are sustainable practices that will strengthen your business digital sales for the future, not only in times of social distancing, these will become the pillar for building a network of social sellers.

A study conducted by the DSA and Ipsos earlier this month showed that “Almost half of Americans (46%) would welcome contact from Direct Sellers regarding business opportunities on Social Media”, this is the time to maximize your consultants digital sales with support from the corporate that can guarantee practices that work now and in the future.

Times like these are the opportunity to test the digital sales performance of your business, to adapt and evolve into practices that should be part of your company already but that might have been eclipsed by the traditional door to door or party gatherings, to think about the future with technological tools and digital strategies.

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