Sync your Direct Selling Business with Digital Marketing

How to Sync your Direct Selling Business with Digital Marketing Strategies

We are in a new era of Direct Selling, whether you look at it because of the generational change in representatives and consumers, or the new wave of male consultants in Direct Selling, or the new products that are adopting direct to consumer sales models, our industry is changing very rapidly because human interactions have changed and with those the purchasing methods.

Sync Direct Selling and Marketing Strategies

Today, people are demanding seamless experiences of shopping and new ways of working  (you can go ahead and read our Direct Selling in the Gig economy article). The reasons for people to buy from X or Y company have changed and also the reasons to join as a representative. In the era of immediate informationimmediate transactionsfree deliveryauto-shippingwork from anywhere and fake news, the marketing for products, services, and experiences has taken a new role for consumers and sellers, and the Direct Selling industry is not the exception. New platformsmore messagesomnichannel presence have made Direct Selling take serious decisions in their marketing approaches

As one of the oldest business models known for humanity, Direct to consumer has relied on human relationships to keep the business growing, but today, people do not have time to get in meetings with their consultants to purchase a product or a service, and consultants do not have the time to engage in long trips to try to get new clients further from their homes.  Everyone’s time is so valuable that people are relying on virtual assistants to do their everyday tasks. The simplest things in life are being automated and customers are demanding immediacy in getting information, purchasing, delivery and customer service. People no longer take the risk of going to a store if they haven’t checked online the availability or options for what they need. We live in an era of automation, and how can Direct Selling stay current with these trends? Easy, Digital Marketing. 

Digital Marketing is the application of marketing strategies focused on digital media. It has changed the way companies promote their businesses with technology, changing the way people buy with the use of more digital devices every day.

With all the information one click away, Digital Marketing has enabled consumers to play a more active role in the purchasing process and has given a connection power with businesses throughout all the stages of their purchase journey, no longer only in the sales transaction. 

Customer acquisition, retention and consultant recruitment

If you go deep into the origins of Direct Selling and the evolution to what we know today as “social networks”, the first social network in the world was Direct Selling, it is a business model based on people interacting with their close circle, and building relationships from there on, with friends of their friends, recommending products, exchanging opinions and comments and selling.

Direct Selling has been and continues being an option for income generation based on communities, on people’s relationships of trust and loyalty with other people.

In the past, marketing for Direct Selling business was in the hands of the door to door consultants who received training from their leader or from the corporate and took all the rest of the communication and attractiveness of the message in their hands. Fasting forward to today, Direct Selling companies have grown their marketing departments to complete teams of experts in different areas, platforms and ways of content development. All of these to strengthen the relationships that the company has with all of the groups of interest: Consultants, networks and final customers. Unifying all channels and their contents under the same brand.

Digital Marketing strategies have become the epicenter of the brand reach and growth of Direct Selling businesses. 

Relationships between corporate-consultants-consumers are maximized with technology. The era of digitalization makes Direct Selling a stronger business with Digital marketing strategies that have become key in acquiring and retaining new clients and also in recruiting and retaining loyal consultants.

These describe how Direct Selling companies should be using Digital Marketing in their corporate-consultants-consumers relationships with a customer centric approach.

Content Marketing is the king

It starts with a content factory, in which your business has a map of all the content created to educate, inform and engage in all the stages of the customer journey and throughout all the contact points. Content Marketing’s main objective is to be clear, concise and consistent with the essence of the brand. We have written a lot about this topic, in our article “Content Factory Management to boost Social Selling” you can read how to build and manage a content factory to support your digital marketing strategy, and tools to manage it. 

With a complete content marketing strategy, your Digital Marketing team will reach more people in more platforms with a consistent message that will stay in their minds and make you relevant anywhere they see your brand image and recognize your message. On building that message, your Direct Selling business will have a loyal base of consumers and consultants that will trust your products and business model.

These are tactics that come after your content factory and work as means to distribute your content marketing for Digital Marketing campaigns

Email Marketing in Direct Selling Digital Marketing: 

Use email marketing carefully, because if you make your communication massive and it loses personalization it can hurt your company.

  • Pay close attention to the tone of communication and language that you use, since it has to demonstrate knowledge on the subject and be legitimate but understandable to everyone.
  • Use the information you collect from customers’ interactions on your website to make remarketing campaigns. These campaigns have proven effectiveness to incentivize the comeback and complete the purchase on your website.

Social Media Marketing in Direct Selling Digital Marketing:

In Direct Selling, the magic touch for Social Media marketing relies on the ability to keep a personal touch throughout all the pieces, messages, interactions, ads that the customers are subject to. We live in the era of personalization and individualization, imagine being a customer of a brand for years because a friend or neighbor recommended it, and then all of a sudden one day you start receiving ads on social media or email marketing inviting you to “get to know” their brand. You’d feel offended, right? You already had a personal relationship with that brand, you have used their products and consumed their content for a while, and now they have forgotten who you are. That is why Direct Selling companies have to be so careful with the management of their communities, because their networks are not only their consultants, but also the clients of the distributors, and with those being the reason the company exists, they cannot risk hurting their feelings as consumers.   

  • Train your consultants on using social media live streaming.
  • Teach them how to create basic but cool videos.
  • Keep them motivated to share videos using with your products.
  • Use humor.
  • Build a community, not just an audience, you want engagement, interactionscomments and reactions.
  • Ask customers and consultants about their favorite products.
  • Incentivize your consultants to discuss their sales techniques.
  • Create cross-selling between your products or even with other brands that target your same audience.

We have written more about it, feel free to dig in our Blog page for “Social Selling for Direct Selling: How and Why?”, or “Grow your Direct Selling Business with these Social Selling Tips” 

Search Engine Marketing – SEM in Direct Selling Digital Marketing

Today customers in the Direct Selling business are not just looking for information about products or services, they are also looking to solve problems, doubts, and effective solutions to their needs and desires and not surprisingly, consultants search for the “Top Direct Selling companies” to enroll into and start selling, so why not position your company with SEM in the results pages in search engines if you have a value offer attractive enough to have more people enrolling on your business. You’d have to set aside some marketing budget for this, but believe us, it is worth it if doing carefully targeted to an audience.

Personalized Replicated Microsites for Direct Selling consultants 

We do not have to explain the power of e-commerce in today’s retail world, right?, but what if we told you to imagine the impact it would have for your Direct Selling business if your website can be replicated as many times as consultants you have with the option of making each website personalized with your consultant/distributor picture, info, and welcome message!

These replicated microsites of your consultants will allow them to offer, promote and sell your products to everyone they know and those peoples’ friends in different regions and even countries all because it is a website with complete e-commerce that can respond to different geographical locations to display catalogs, prices, offers, and more.

  • Online catalog in Direct Selling Digital Marketing: 

By making your catalog available digitally on your consultants’ website, you can almost guarantee that seamless request of your consumers that are interacting online with a friend’s recommended product, backed up by a Direct Selling company with digital presence and that is immediately available to you as you click to buy.

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