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Direct Selling Technology Sucess

It appears that the top-ranked Direct Selling companies in the industry have solved all the problems with respect to network development, commission payments, business growth, margins and technology integration. But it is not so simple, these companies started with a great idea that was developed with a lot of effort, they made important decisions that led them to the top.

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Direct Selling History

Between 2012 and 2018, the global retail sales of the Direct Selling Industry grew exponentially, resulting in sales of about 192.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

One may ask how this industry has gotten this far, but to understand its success, we must first know its history.

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Social Selling Tips

When thinking about Direct Selling, most individuals picture a consultant with a magazine going door-to-door, offering their products. However, with the advancement in technology and the rise in social media use, Direct Selling has gone from solely face-to-face interaction to interaction via social media networks as well. 

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influencer marketing

The growth of social media networks has allowed for the evolution of unique marketing strategies implemented by companies. One of these unique strategies is the use of influencers, individuals who obtain fame through elevated amounts of followers, as a way to reach and persuade consumers when trying to advertise. 

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social selling

The rapid growth of social networks has introduced new concepts of marketing and selling to companies and individuals, one of which has been social selling. Social selling is a concept which many individuals often believe is done by merely posting social media content to attract consumers. However, social selling entails much more than just posting a picture, which is why we have created a list of the top five Do’s and Don’ts of social selling so you can help your consultants take full advantage of this innovative selling method.

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direct seller

Continuing with our series of Compensation Plan tips related articles we are presenting our second issue. Read here our first installment Are you selling your Direct Selling products right?

Let’s be honest, Direct Selling offers one business opportunity like no other, one in which there is no cap on income. Till date, Direct Selling has faced some challenges on how most of the income goes to the people on top of the networks

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Big Data Direct Selling

There are many formulas out there on how to have a successful Direct Selling business, but no business model is the same as any other. And despite the importance of a lucrative compensation plan, the products are the essence of your brand and your storytelling, as well as being the key to the attractiveness, novelty and long term consistent success of your business. 

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Big Data Direct Selling

Do you think your Multi Level Startup does not have enough information to think about Big Data?

Does the term “Big Data” sound distant to your business?

Think twice, because Direct Selling Companies of every size can use the information they collect every day from their Consultants / Influencers and their clients to predict behaviors, plan future strategies, measure the impact of communications and increase engagement and performance of their sellers while increasing their return rate.

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Gamification in Direct Selling

You might have not heard the term “Gamification,” but we all have been subject to this trend and its practices. In this article, S4DS presents a proactive approach to the use of Gamification in modern Direct Selling Companies.

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