direct selling software


This is perhaps one of the most used terms in recent years in the world of Marketing and sales. Direct Selling companies and many brands around the world are investing a larger budget to hire their services.

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social influencers


As we all know, social influencers have become a great selling element for all kinds of brands and companies. Big influencers, also known as macro-influencers and mega-influencers, have earned their place in social media and digital marketing selling channels, but it's Micro-influencers who are gaining more and more value.

Since posting prices from influencers can usually get really expensive, the possibility of having smaller influencers who can reach smaller but more specific audiences has become a great option.

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4th industrial revolution

Technology has a huge impact on the direct selling industry in terms of changes both to the industry’s operating environment and its business model. Interestingly, this influence is visible in relation to external factors as well as to internal conditions in direct sales.

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By now you have probably heard of influencers, that group of internet-famous people who have more than a million social media followers and can make big money by plugging various brands. And you may have even heard of micro-influencers, who do the same thing for a still sizable but somewhat smaller social media audience — from the tens to low hundreds of thousands.

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fourth industrial revolution

In The Future Of Work, Humans Will Still Be Wanted

Much of the debate on the fourth industrial revolution has revolved around the threat posed by new technologies such as AI and robotics to jobs and the human way of life.

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mlm software

5 Must Haves in MLM Software

You’ve discovered a need for MLM software in your business. Now you want to start shopping, but—what options should you consider? As fellow workers in network marketing, we share with you the top 5 must-haves in MLM software.

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social media for businesses

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat attract almost 33 percent of the global population today. This is a too big an audience for any serious marketer to ignore. In order to remain competitive and to satisfy their diverse user-base, these social platforms have been evolving each passing day. New features, new algorithms, and new strategies are being introduced daily. But which changes are more likely to impact on business in the coming years? In this article, we look at six future predictions of social media for business.

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blue ocean in direct selling

Defining a Blue Ocean in Direct Selling Part II

We continue with the second part of the article: Blue Ocean in Direct Selling.

To develop a successful direct sellings model it is essential to identify certain characteristics, in this second article we develop the following:

  • Representatives
  • Technology
  • Efficiency in the channel
  • Credit to customer
  • Logistics
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MLM Software

Defining a Blue Ocean for Direct Selling

To develop a successful direct selling model it is essential to identify certain characteristics, in this first article we mentioned the following 5:


  • Geography
  • Categories
  • Product
  • Value proposition
  • Consumer
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augmented reality

In this article we continue to develop the other 5 remaining challenges and trends identified by our team to be taken into consideration for a successful development of a direct sales channel.


  • Immediate logistics
  • Memberships and clubs
  • Work modality changes
  • Omnichannel
  • New technologies
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