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Big Data Direct Selling

Do you think your Multi Level Startup does not have enough information to think about Big Data?

Does the term “Big Data” sound distant to your business?

Think twice, because Direct Selling Companies of every size can use the information they collect every day from their Consultants / Influencers and their clients to predict behaviors, plan future strategies, measure the impact of communications and increase engagement and performance of their sellers while increasing their return rate.

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Gamification in Direct Selling

You might have not heard the term “Gamification,” but we all have been subject to this trend and its practices. In this article, S4DS presents a proactive approach to the use of Gamification in modern Direct Selling Companies.

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Direct Selling Business Model

Direct Selling today

Data in today’s Direct selling can represent Industry’s biggest ally or its largest challenge, using it for the wrong purpose or with wrong practices sharing unreal information, pretending to manipulate people’s thoughts or even their political preferences are affecting the complete way in which certain practices are perceived.

Today’s marketing is ruled in large part by many wrong practices that are affecting people’s behavior and, in many critics point of view, even people’s will to decide among the options they have because of the extensive use of hyper-targeted ads in marketing campaigns taking users data and using it to generate personality traits targeted ads.

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Direct Selling in Gig Economy

What is the famous “Gig” Economy?

The term has been used to describe the new era of internet-driven work contracts that are short term, like Uber and freelancer platforms. Jobs that people can perform whenever and wherever they want to, jobs that give entrepreneurs all the flexibility and the power to choose one or more activities that represent a living, or an extra income one app away without contractual obligations or traditional workplace rules. 

But wait, it sounds like Direct Selling, right?

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Manage content for Social Selling

Have you heard about the New Era of Sales? About how Companies are adapting their Marketing practices to generate value to their customers throughout the sales funnel? Have you noticed that Companies are trying to engage more with their clients after their purchase and how the sales funnel has evolved to what is popularly known today as “Flywheel”? If you have, let us tell you, that is not the complete picture and simply adopting Social Media as a Sales Channel is also not the complete approach.

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Social Selling ROI

Influencer Marketing is, at its simplest definition, the partnership between a Brand and a Social Media user with either large or specialized following base. However, Influencers have different audience sizes reach and they start from being the company Salesforce replicating content in their Social Media as mentioned in our Previous Article. With influencers Marketing the brand aims to make Sales from the Content Generated or replicated by the Influencer and pays them with free or discounted products, and in some cases directly paid.

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Influencer Social Selling

Social Selling and Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling.

Direct Selling companies are adapting to respond to different challenges that have resulted from the digitalization era. Companies have to be very aware of the use of Social Media and Digital Marketing to reach a broader audience and communicate with new generations of Consultants / Influencers and Clients.

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direct selling software


This is perhaps one of the most used terms in recent years in the world of Marketing and sales. Direct Selling companies and many brands around the world are investing a larger budget to hire their services.

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