direct selling in Latin America

We continue to understand Direct Selling globally through quantitative data.

This time we are covering the Latin American market, specifically countries such as Brazil and Mexico which are two of the most significant in the region and allow us to understand what state the market is in and which direction it is heading, giving us insights from which we can create strategies to successfully implement a direct sales channel.

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United States Map


After evaluating Direct Selling in the world and going through the European market in numbers we continue to the United States market.

A market that has found refuge in this sector in the last crises that it has had to live.

With the following figures it is possible to have a spectrum of how the market is and the future of Direct Selling in the United States.

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The president of the European Direct Selling Association feels confident that the industry will continue to grow and provide opportunities for millions of Europeans offering a unique way of buying.


Like all retail sectors, Direct Selling has been impacted by the economic recession. However, the results of 2017 show that Direct Selling continues strong and will continue to grow in the coming years.

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direct selling in numbers



With this article we begin the development of a series of articles that will continue to be published during the following days in order to understand the past, present and future of direct selling.

In this first article we are going to treat the global context in broad strokes to have a macro visibility and understand how the market is right now.

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How do you convince someone to buy your products if they’re not innately exceptional? If you have a physical store, then you have some options — you can create an absorbing aesthetic that immediately comes across as compelling, or (more usefully) you can employ an array of convincing in-store assistants with the rhetorical skills to talk people into purchasing.

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the future of mlm

Technology marches ahead at a relentless pace, and the sales industry hurries along with it. Direct selling has always been a flexible endeavor — any salesperson with an impressive sales history has achieved it through frequent reinvention, always changing their approach to suit the situation, and this is reflected in the booming ecommerce field.

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tech trends

According to a recent article by Forbes, technology to compete against a disruptive Amazon will continue to be central to the retail play of 2019.

However, it isn’t the only thing driving what will makes retailers’ tech shopping list. While you can expect to see more holographic 3D images at malls and stores to wow you, the following six trends from last week’s National Retail Federation’s annual “Retail’s Big Show” will have a more lasting impact.

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mlm software

Have you incorporated the use of MLM software in your company!!! How is it convenient to the normal company operations? Well, with the current technological advancements, the software is gaining popularity, and it has been accepted in small, medium and large organizations.

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social media

Social media stories…They were introduced into the social media space by Snapchat, Instagram jumped on board, and then other major social channels- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger- followed suit. They enable social media users to share short, fun, and cool pictures and videos of them with their social media friends and followers, with the video disappearing automatically after 24 hours. This new trend bottom lines the importance of visual content on social media.

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The human brain best relates to information when it’s presented in a story-like format. This is particularly because stories appeal to emotions, are easy to engage with, and are highly memorable. They motivate and inspire audiences towards a common course. They are a fun way of bringing people together and igniting productive conversations that would otherwise be hard to bring forth, particularly newbie conversations. In a nutshell, stories have been right in the heart of all human communications since ancient times.

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