Ecommerce solutions: building Social Selling brands

S4 E-Commerce Solution for Social Selling brands

There are many different e-commerce solutions available for large and small businesses, with the shift of consumer preferences to the immediate availability of products 24/7, retail has moved to offer online stores, and with the increasing role of social media and information available for consumers, brands need to use their e-commerce to build social selling brands and communities. 

Ecommerce is no longer an option or a something extra when you want to get your brand to clients, it is the new standard, but with the implementation of e-commerce come all the challenges to get it positioned for your audience, to get your store shoppers move to online when they cannot visit your point of sale, and also the challenge of getting your brand message heard amongst the immense cloud of ads that people are subject to every day of their lives in every device and platform.

Ecommerce has gone social

With the wave of influencer marketing we have had in the last few years, with the decline of massive influencer marketing and its turning into niche audience influencer marketing, with affiliates, subscriptions, subscription boxes, referral codes, contests, and social media reach challenges, brands and companies have moved into a new perspective of reaching their audiences: Social Selling.

Social Selling is the evolution of e-commerce, direct selling, social marketing, and influencers’ marketing, it is the ultimate trend and tool that retail brands have to have a broader reach and closer relationships with their audiences.

E-commerce websites, when put in the hands of social sellers, stop being simply a sales channel and get a new meaning for both your customers and your sellers, because for the first it represents the online store of their friend, co-worker or influencer that they believe in and that inspire them to have a relationship around the content they create and share, and for the second it is a tool provided by the brand they represent to maximize their reach grow their sales and in general support them to continue with their work. 

S4DS’s E-commerce, a new meaning for your business

With multiple available platforms for brands to set up their e-commerce websites, there is always usual questioning about the pricing, the availability for multiple countries, the setup, and how the platform works and grows with you. We have worked closely with customers around the world to get them to scale their online shopping experience to a Social Selling business model on their e-commerce. With all the multiple functionalities our centralized e-commerce platform has, your brand will not be just another one selling online: 

Complete enterprise management:

A digital system to help you stop worrying about the configuration of commissions, different catalogs for different regions, multiple payment providers, discounts, the integrations with your other business channels, and more, all from one account without extending business resource requirements.  Also, take care of order fulfillment for convenient and cost-efficient delivery methods integrated on the platform.

Our corporate administrative backoffice for your e-commerce management has all the tools you need to operate and sell online, delivering excellent experiences for your clients:

  • Business rules configuration
  • Complete compensation plan configuration and management
  • Sellers account credit management
  • Customer service centralized tickets management
  • Completely integrated CRM
  • Order fulfillment
  • Clients management

Be where and when your clients are:

Be available 24/7 for your sellers and customers and integrate your online and offline shopping and customer support experiences seamlessly on all devices. 

Offer true omnichannel experiences and build a community around your brand and products making available options for auto-shipping, subscriptions, and loyalty programs.

E-commerce with complete Social Selling experience: 

With our platform, you can create a complete Social Selling channel and scale your business presence online to reach more clients as you get more sellers, and offer personalized and meaningful shopping experiences with replicated microsites that represent your sellers and your brand, all from your centralized management. 

Our replicated websites for e-commerce are what you need to keep your brand top of mind and optimize your customer journey experience. 

  • Replicated websites for sellers
  • Replicated websites for influencers – personalized
  • Virtual office for sellers
  • CRM integrated for each seller business management
  • Ticket management for customer service
  • Integrations with seller’s social media
  • Social media management dashboard
  • Communications automation
  • Agenda and meeting events management
  • O.G Tags 
  • Reports dashboard

Analyze and optimize E-commerce performance: 

With our platform get all the insights you need to make your clients’ experience improve and get your sellers performing better every time with our reports dashboard you can create customized reports to take care of all the measures about your business operation and make better more informed decisions. 

A provider that grows with your business:

Secure, international, scalable software platform for all your digital sales needs. Our S4 E-Commerce solution is ready to grow as your operation grows with guaranteed service and security.

We believe in the digitization of people as the future of sales, get your business to implement a powerful e-commerce solution that can take your online presence to a new level.

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