Social Selling and Social Commerce, complementary practices


Social Selling and Social Commerce are increasingly integrated into the customer’s lives. Everyday brands participate more in their Social Media Sales strategies. But there is a difference in the use of social media as a brand resource and, the use of social media through brand-independent and representative sellers to optimize all the resources presented in a sales ecosystem. 

It is in this difference that the evolution of mixed marketing and sales practices in digital media from Social Commerce to Social Selling is born, and with the use of the combination of those trends, brands can reach a new level of relationship with their customers and digital presence.

The Evolution of Social Commerce and Social Selling 

Digitization has been gaining strength in recent years, but it was not always the same, new technologies and methodologies have appeared and have allowed the evolution of the approach and strategic execution of these concepts. 

In the ’90s the first virtual stores appeared, in them it was evident that their sales strategy was focused on their product or service, years later with the arrival of Social Media these virtual stores were forced to transform their strategy, focusing on interaction with their customers and potential audience. Due to this change in strategy and the constant increase of participation by customers in the digital world, not only to acquire products and services but also in a social way, businesses, and sellers realized the great potential that the digital channels and platforms had to increase sales.

After realizing this magnificent opportunity provided by Social Media, the sales ecosystem leaped to formulate a sales and conversion funnel that would allow them to lead its audience and potential customers towards its E-Commerce, then generate the expected sale and finally, embark on the methodology that we know today as Social Commerce

Digitization Levels

Different levels of digitization appear in Social Commerce and Social Selling. Businesses, Sales Representatives and Independent sellers are the actors in the digital sales arena and they must go through a process in which they activate their social media to later become influential leaders and finally implement the commercial strategy and Social Selling

Activate Social Media 

In this process, the aforementioned actors in the digital sales arena must be trained to build social network profiles, consume social networks, and understand the use scope of each social network. It should be clarified that they must know extensively and profoundly the behavior of Social Networks, not only from sales but also the social ones to later understand the behavior of their audience in the channels that they are going to manage.

Become influential leaders 

A Social Media leader is empowered with tools to become an influential leader for his audience and learns to take advantage of every resource on his social networks to increase his range of influence in engaging with an audience relevant to the brand message. 

Implement a Social Commerce strategy linked to a Social Selling strategy

These practices are complementary sales tactics, the two methodologies can be applied together to achieve a maximized result, which is to build an interactive community through social tools to sell a product or service. This is where Businesses, Sales Representatives and Independent sellers should make the strategy to professionalize their social media profiles, planning their content according to their customer funnel and business strategies.

Same practices, a different actor

However, Businesses, Sales Representatives, and Independent Sellers must carry out the same actions in a different panorama, that is where the difference lies in the execution of the strategy. Social Commerce is activated by brands through their commercial, marketing and employee areas, and Social Selling is directly operated by consultants, merchants, independent sellers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Social Selling and Social Commerce, Complementary practices

S4DS Software Solutions for Businesses and Sellers

Social Sellers E-learning is one of the keys to Businesses, Sales Representatives, and Independent sellers to learn how to use their social networks to make an income and create an interactive community that in the short term can become profitable customers.

S4 Academy is a Social Selling E-learning solution that provides your sales force with professional training in business practices to generate more income through social networks.

Our program has been carefully designed to cover and implement concepts, best practices, tactics, and work tools so that they can generate successful sales strategies. 

In our S4 Academy, you will find: 

  • Virtual courses focused on Social Selling and Social Commerce.
  • Led by experts in Direct Sales and Digital Sales.
  • Focused on creating, implementing, and exploiting social media strategies.
  • Interactive content and real industry examples, to accompany the growth of your team.

On the other hand, we have an S4 E-Commerce solution to keep your sales going, your business in place.

  • Together we grow your business: our E-Commerce grows with you, with our modules and complete business administration virtual office, you won’t need other tools to build and optimize your online shopping presence.
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