Social Selling E-Learning for global sales enablement

Social Selling E-Learning

With millions of independent sellers at home, and the role of technology for the development of alternative sales channels in different industries, Social Selling E-learning as an option for sales force training, gets more relevance today.

We have seen a growing importance of alternative shopping methods online like E-Commerce, sales on social media, sales via messaging apps, chatbots, for all types of products and services. Behind all these new sales options, there is the human sales force of companies in all industries working from home, whether directly selling or sharing relevant content, benefits, advantages, branded content and more to drive our interest. With online sales activities becoming one of the most important, if not the only sales channel, for many businesses, there is a growing need and participation of the companies in their social sellers’ training. 

Sales force training for successful online selling

Training sellers for Selling online is one of the keys to having them continuously interested in the business opportunity and motivated to be using their social media for income generation and to make this digital sales channel sustainable. Social Selling training has to cover:

The business model, the products, the social selling channel, and the technology that the sellers are going to be using to maximize their digital businesses.  

S4DS Software Solution for Companies to train Social Sellers

S4 Academy is a Social Selling E-learning solution that helps to boost your sales team with training in business practices to generate more income through social networks.

Our courses have been carefully designed so that your sales force is trained in the concepts, best practices, tactics, and tools so that, together with the business content, they can generate successful sales strategies in their social networks.

We offer a platform with courses, workshops, evaluations, videos, and more, aimed to teach sellers how to become Social Sellers.

  • Virtual courses focused on social selling.
  • Led by experts in direct sales and digital sales.
  • Focused on creating, implementing and exploiting social media profiles.
  • Pre-recorded and interactive, to accompany the growth of your team.

Advantages of S4 Academy:

  • Train your sales force to continue generating income.
  • Implement new business channels.
  • Act fast, preparing yourself for new scenarios.
  • Anticipate the upcoming consumption changes.
  • Turn the business around, go digital.

Our S4 Academy solution is currently available only in Spanish, but will soon be available in English, let’s stay in touch, let us know if you’d like to train your business’s Social Sellers with us: