Chatbot opportunity for sales and customer engagement in 2020

Chatbot Solution S4

In 2020, Chatbots represent a huge opportunity for sales and customer engagement, since customers prefer instant and effective communication and offer that without sacrificing customer experience satisfaction. 

But the role of Chatbot technology for sales is not limited to customer engagement, Chatbots mimic human interactions based on predetermined texts and actions triggered by user commands, and those users that can interact with them vary from customers to independent sellers, to collaborators and employees if the back office technology behind the chatbot is powerful enough. 

S4 Chatbot Solution for clients, sellers, and collaborators

Our new S4 Chatbot Solution works integrated with messaging apps directly with our S4DS Software to speed up customer relations, sales, and support teams, making them more efficient, and providing express mobile access for your independent sellers, employees, and clients to transactional flows.

¿How does the S4 Chatbot Solution works for my business?

Chatbots can be programmed to act in different parts of the purchasing process, delivering many benefits:

First Contact with clients:

  • Provide basic customer service and support which turns out to be a seamless customer support experience.
  • Integrating digital catalog options like i-Paper that allow product display and selection for purchase within messaging apps without making customers go to a website. They work as a “self-service” tool for customers without being an E-Commerce.

Transferring from Chatbot to human interactions: 

  • Get clients transferred to live conversations with an agent when they want it, that will solve their request with seamless transfers,  which turns into happier customers, faster problem resolution, an increase in sales, and cross-sales.

Transactional Chatbot easing transactions for clients, sellers, and business administrators:

For clients:

  • Offering messaging app Chatbot profiles to place orders.
  • Register new customers.

For sellers and independent representatives:

  • Offering messaging app Chatbots to place orders on behalf of their clients.
  • To attract new members to your network by simplifying the enrollment process.
  • Offers easy access to common virtual office information requests like: commissions calculations, rank, total sales of the period, number of orders placed, the number of people on their network, and more, just by making sure your Chatbot is connected with your Direct Selling Software.

For the company:

Our Software offers a one-stop solution for implementing transactional Chatbots with a Backend for your business in which you will configure and operate:

  • Catalog.
  • Clients management.
  • Orders management.
  • Customer Support Tickets.
  • Third-party integrations if required.

Do you want to see how our solution can help your business? Send us a message, we will be very glad to talk with you,

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