Social Selling: the present of digital network sales

Social Selling Model

Social Selling is the present of the mix between e-commerce and direct selling, it is the present of digital network sales, in which sellers use their social networks to share their lifestyle and experiences with their audiences, and to promote brands that are aligned with them to ultimately generate income.

Our implementation plan is a solution that represents the culmination of a lot of work and dedication put into a purpose to sustain our economy and all the people who depend on our different businesses.

Implementation plan

These models work because there is a constant connection between companies, their content factory, and independent sellers, who act as replicators of that content on social media.

To implement this channel in your company, changes must be made from the core, review your value proposition, business model and content factory to ensure that the teams, the content and, the business model are aligned with the personal brand of your social sellers and consumers of this new digital sales channel.

This channel does not work only with the social networks of your sellers. It is necessary to have complete technical support for the processes that are part of this channel, in which interact your customers, sellers and business managers. All with different needs, objectives and requests on what the technology has to do for them. 

With our S4 Social Selling Solution, we offer you a complete implementation plan in your business in which we cover:

  • Business Design.
  • Content Factory development and management for this model.
  • Recruitment processes.
  • Sales force training.
  • Technology for the operation of this channel: 
    • E-Commerce.
    • Replicated e-commerce website for social sellers.
    • Virtual office for social sellers.
    • Complete administrative back office for business management.
  • Operation.
  • Business and technology support.

Have you imagined the power of turning your sales force to sell from their social media and other digital channels?

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