Direct Selling, Adopting new Social Selling Practices

La Venta Directa, la adopción de nuevas prácticas de Social Selling

Social Selling and Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling.

Direct Selling companies are adapting to respond to different challenges that have resulted from the digitalization era. Companies have to be very aware of the use of Social Media and Digital Marketing to reach a broader audience and communicate with new generations of Consultants / Influencers and Clients.

To maintain the close relationships and personal contact that Direct Selling Companies emphasize on, it is necessary to adapt new processes and strategies. Here, we present the basis of the adaptation of Social Selling Practices:

Influencer Social Selling

Content Management for Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling

To be relevant in the content that the company shares and enable the preservation of the image and values throughout the new Communication Strategies, Sales Representatives and Sales Channels, companies have to create a structure of content with 3 pillars: 

  1. Product information: all the characteristics, benefits, descriptions, prices, company values, organizational purpose, training related to the model of Direct Sales for potential clients, and other asset information that is relevant.
  2. Communications: definition of the channels to share information, topics, language used and other characteristics of the Communication Strategy.
  3. Team: personnel in charge of caring for the new processes and take the metrics to measure the impact of the new strategies

3 options to define the digitization processes:

  1. Within the Marketing Team assigning roles for Content Creation, Edition, Publication and Administration. In order to keep the message relevant and consistent in all the campaigns and in all the channels. Or, 
  2. Create Brand new Content Management Processes, which might take extra personnel and resources, but that will represent Fresh perception in the company products and scope of the Communications. Or, 
  3. Hiring a Third Party to develop the complete strategy.

Managing Social Selling with Influencer Marketing

To achieve real Community Engagement, the first step is to turn the already existing Salesforce and Employees into brand ambassadors to start replicating your brand messaging and generating networks around that content and once that content has started spreading, it can recruit people to become Consultants / Influencers and clients because of the closeness and attractiveness of the message that has been reaching them from closer networks. 

Social Selling practices for better results

In the last decade, companies have started creating Sales Programs in which star customers and Social Influencers become Members and gain special discounts, pre-launch of products and special Content from the Brands, and now can sell products from the brands themselves, yes Direct Selling at its best. With the community that all those different sizes influencers have created, when selected correctly for a structured 

Marketing Plan in a Direct Sales Companies, a Social Influencers can sell “10x what the average Direct Selling Distributor can” as reported by Brian Palmer. Implementing Social Selling is a “must” to get the reach to new audiences and not getting behind new Direct Selling Trends, how to migrate or how to create this new capabilities in the company has to be the focus on the 4th industrial revolution. What is your company waiting?

S4DS Software Solutions to enhance Omnichannel Sales

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