S4DS - ECOMMERCE tools for influencers and influencer marketing


Influencers E-commerce allows brands to supply their sales force with their own Website and E-commerce as an extension of the Company's Online Store. Here influencers and consultants will have their personal information and will be able to customize it.
Company has control over this replicated site through the administrator's backoffice. Every sale made through the Ecommerce of the influencer or the consultant will generate a commission for them.
Super charged replicated sites

Customizable themes and layouts for influencers and cosultants.
Content management.
Header with customizable messages.

Allows actions such as building sing up forms, creating or segmenting lists, and more.
Automatic SEO
Automatic push and submission.
Internal page linking.
Easy to read content. 
Title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, Header tags and Keyword phrases.
Integration with Social Platforms
To make influencers and consultors activities in social media fast, friendly and effective.
Statistics Dashboard
Accessibility to accurate demographics, kpis and traffic data.
Automatic Posts
Easy posts programming to ease influencers and consultants activities.
Integration with Current System
All functionalities are designed to integrate with your current system.



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