Software for Direct Selling – Tools

Modules from our Software for Direct Selling Solution for comprehensive management of multiple sales channels.

Offering a product and allowing the customer to place an order at the same time is one of the most important reasons why Electronic Commerce has been implemented in Direct Selling, but there are many more functionalities designed to cover all other aspects of the user experience in an online store.

Our e-commerce tool offers all the functionalities that your store needs to provide excellent customer service.

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We offer all the tools to manage your Consultants’/Influencers’ business. 

By logging in as a Consultant/Influencer to the virtual office, your independent vendors will have access to manage: profile information (influencer information), training material, customer management, incidents, order management, events, commission indicators, rates tax, report boards, personal cards and your Business Plan.

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Order to Cash is one of the most important flows for Direct Sales Companies and one of the biggest components of our Multi Level Marketing Software, since it systematically joins the entire route of the sales, since a purchase is made until the products are dispatched to the final customer.

Some modules within this function are: Planning, Commercial Strategies, Inventory, Order Management, Payments, Billing and Logistics.

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CRM is a component focused on Sales and Customer Service areas, which supports different types of Direct Sales models such as Multi Level (MLM), Binary, Flat Sales and Party Plan. This powerful tool helps your MLM Company and your Sales Force.

Some Modules are: Network management, incident management, changes and returns, interaction, communications and centralized consultation.

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S4DS Software for Direct Sales Companies has a great variety of rules and indicators that easily fit the compensation plans of our customers.

Our Direct Selling Software gives the possibility to easily configure rules that fit the compensation plan of our customers with our powerful engine that has more than 400 rules.

With our Multilevel Software, you can quickly calculate and easily pay Commissions to all ranks of Consultants that your business has

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S4DS Direct Selling Software with our Business Intelligence feature provides a complete analysis for decision making in Direct Sales Companies in all different business models: MLM, Binary, Party Plan, Flat Sale and Direct Sales.

Some of the reports are focused on budget and goals, sales, customers, commercial statements, products, inventory, among others.

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The replicated E-commerce websites for consultants allow brands to provide their Sales Forces with their own E-commerce Website as an extension of the Company’s Online Store. Here Consultants / Influencers have their personal information and can customize it.

The company has control over this Replicated Sites through the administrator’s Backoffice. Every sale made through the Consultants / Influencers E-commerce will generate a commission for them.

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The Party Plan Module lets the company and your Consultants/Influencers to organize events virtual or physical to promote and sell the products.

Our MLM software has the tools to create and manage these events successfully.

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