Why Influencers are Important in Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

This is perhaps one of the most used terms in recent years in the world of Marketing and sales. Direct Selling companies and many brands around the world are investing a larger budget to hire their services.

Social Influencers types

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, a large number of followers is not the main factor for a company to hire the services of a Social Influencer, beyond quantity is quality, for this reason the small and medium-sized Social Influencer figure is becoming more and more required.

Social Influencer with ten or twenty thousand followers may seem very small next to another with three hundred thousand, however, the important thing here is that the message reaches the correct audience, those who are really interested in the subject. People no longer believe in traditional advertising techniques, that’s why referents of trust, real people who inspire admiration or interest in their knowledge in certain areas have become so important.

Athletes, musicians, artists, specialists in many topics who have credibility, although they could not have many thousands followers in their accounts, are one of the best resources in advertising currently.

Among the main different kinds of Social Influencer profiles, we can find:

  • MEGA-INFLUENCERS: They are the most famous. Celebrities that have more than one million followers in their networks.
  • MACRO-INFLUENCERS: They can have between one hundred thousand and one million followers.
  • MICRO-INFLUENCERS: They usually have between one thousand and one hundred thousand followers. They are very important because their audience, although it’s not so big, is select and specific.
  • NANO-INFLUENCERS: People who has less than one thousand followers but are recognized for specific topics.

A Change in the Consumer’s Perception

Times of impersonal advertising are in the past now and the approach towards the client is more about being empathic,human and warm.

The current consumer is increasingly critical and well informed, therefore, not only should be provided with good products and services, but also through the most reliable sources, this is the social influencer nowadays.

S4DS Direct Selling Software Tools for Social Media

Companies seek to provide tools that facilitate the work of  the social influencer, such as Ecommerce and Replicated Sites. Through replicated sites, influencers can access the functions of the corporate website and the Ecommerce at the same time that they have a personalized Website and with their own contact information and contents.

S4DS offers innovative features like Replicated Sites and Referral Mode System for all its clients, making integration with influencers and consultants that join your company easy and direct.

Based on the article “10 Leading Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019” by Influencer Marketing Hub

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