Micro Influencers: the new economy in Direct Selling

Micro Influencers: the new economy in Direct Selling

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As we all know, Social Influencers have become a great selling element for all kinds of brands and companies. Big Influencers, also known as macro-influencers and mega-influencers, have earned their place in social media and digital marketing selling channels, but it’s Micro Influencers who are gaining more and more value.

Since posting prices from influencers can usually get really expensive, the possibility of having smaller influencers who can reach smaller but more specific audiences has become a great option.

The Social Inlfuencer in Direct Selling

Companies are interested not as much in the number of followers of an influencer but on the level of interest their followers have on a specific subject. Therefore, small influencers have become a main tendency in the brands’ social media strategy. Why is that? They do not  own a great number of followers but, instead of that, have a great content and followers who are really interested in it.

This has led to a great opportunity of implementing new selling channels or even renovating tactics and processes in existing ones, like Direct Selling.

Many leading companies  have already realized precisely of that. They’re now implementing new models and selling channels where they can empower Micro Influencers. This enables them to reach their audiences and sell their products directly, with the help of digital catalogs, ecommerce and digital campaigns.

In such a scenario, many employees are leaving their positions and becoming self-employees by the power of social media and good quality content. Their knowledge and talent on specific topics help them grow their social media reach.

All of this has allowed more traditional companies to implement and refresh channels such as Direct Selling and multilevel marketing, taking advantage of what influencers and social media marketing can offer.

Based on the article “How Microinfluencers will fuel monetization in the future” by Barrett Wissman

S4DS MLM Software tools for influencers

In this global context, we at S4DS provide a set of innovative tools for all kind of Social Influencers, such as the Influencer’s Ecommerce & Referral model. This module allows you to grant them access to their own personal website, automatically generated and customizable. Under your corporate domain but with their own personal URL, they can set up a store and sell directly to their network, while at the same time sharing your values to their audience.

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