This is a vital aspect for every Online Selling Activity. With our Software as a Service (SAAS), companies can offer to their Consultants / Influencers to have their own site (Replicated Site), allowing them to sell and reach out more and more people.

Offering a product and making an order at the same moment is one of the most important reasons why E commerce has been implemented in Direct Sales, but there are a lot more functionalities designed to cover all other aspects.

Pricing Lists
  • You can order and manage products by prices.
Catalog filters
  • In Catalog Sales ou can filter products by different Categories such as: Price, Featured Products, Colors, Size and Statement.
Search engine
  • Search bar allows you to find Specific Products.
Favorite products
  • Products can be classified as Favorites in order to remember them.
  • You can allow comments and stars for each product (user generated content)
  • Share in Social Media with addthis
Tracking screen for final customers

  • Customer's orders can be tracked, to provide them a better Service.
Promotions and discount management
  • Promotions and Discounts are really easy to configure thanks to our complete Rule Engine.
  • Offers and rewards before the Payment based on the items and the Person.
  • Coupons.
  • Selected products can be visualized.
  • Best Selling products.
  • New Products.
  • Related and Complementary Products.
Wish lists
  • Wish Lists can be created and shared with a public link.
Multi Country, Multi Language and Multi currency
  • Terms and Conditions are updated according to each Country. 
  • Same or Different Catalogs for each Country.
  • Countries can be shown in flags, icons or letters.
  • You can create your Strategy in any Language.
e-commerce in direct selling
Check out
  • Add more Quantities.
  • Remove Quantities.
  • Continue Shopping
  • Enrollment is Mandatory to check out.
CRM Contact us
  • Each Replicated Site has its own Contact Us.
Consultants / Influencers enrollment
  • Notifications.
  • Order.
  • Enrollment.
  • Option to send Emails when do not finish the enrollment.
  • User can not be deleted, they can only be deactivated.
  • Enrollment is possible without starter kit.
  • After enrollment, Consultants / Influencers can purchase the starter kit and continue shopping.
Replicated sites
  • Replicated Site Blog.
  • Customized pages.
  • You can create Special Content for the Consultants / Influencers.
  • Avatar.
  • Custom Social Media.
  • Enrollment in Replicated Site is placed under Consultant,
  • Personalized pictures and Social Media
  • Supercharged replicated: Own personal story with photoshoot included.