Improve your E-Commerce to generate sales

Improve your E-Commerce to generate sales

Today customer purchase processes have great challenges and improve your E-Commerce to generate sales is definitely an important task to take over in order to ensure a great customer experience. Online sales platforms with E-Commerce are not only attractive pages in visual terms, but also seek to generate memorable experiences for the customers who visit them, in such a way that the customer can be totally engaged with the shopping moment and then come back for new purchases.

We know the importance of selling online in a digital age, so in this article, we want to share with you how E-Commerce can enhance the sales processes and customer experience, through strategies such as Social Selling.

Generate brand awareness and positioning 

There are multiple ways to position your brand online through omnichannel experiences. Having your E-Commerce is one of them, it is an excellent way to have an online presence, however, keep in mind that to generate sales in this channel it is ideal to allocate resources to:

  • Advertising in search engines or social networks.
  • An SEO strategy that allows you to position yourself in your segment.
  • A mix of Online and Offline strategies, if your business is not completely digital.
  • Omnichannel user experiences, such as marketplaces or multi-brand online stores.
  • Development of social networks, the use of strategies that generate engagement and bring your brand closer to its consumers.

In social networks, there is a universe that allows companies and sellers to explore audiences, increase brand interaction, strengthen the online presence and in general terms get closer to existing and new audiences. This universe represents for Social Selling strategies different means to interact with the target audience, create a digital brand, obtain leads, get customers and of course increase E-commerce sales.

To boost your E-Commerce with a solid and powerful Social Selling strategy, it is essential that you and the sales team:

  • Identify in which social networks the brand will be and its representatives, that is, your Social Sellers.
  • Define the communication language in the previously mentioned social networks and unify the objectives in a message of value for the company, its clients and new audiences.
  • Design a great compensation strategy for your Social Sellers, this will make them more motivated by sharing your brand content.
  • Learn about concepts, new trends, tips, types of content, among other tools that allow them to present and highlight the business opportunity.

Selling is not just talking about your products and services, so it is important to structure a content strategy that is not directed only to generate “traffic” for your E-Commerce but also to use other channels such as blogs, ebooks, conferences, webinars, or interactive videos so that your audience can perceive information of interest by becoming fans of your brand or in the best case, becoming Social Sellers. On the other hand, you must keep your sales team updated and motivated, remember that they are fundamental pillars to replicate valuable content to grow your E-Commerce and business model.

Enable your E-Commerce for Social Selling

If you want your strategy to be more effective, make sure that your E-Commerce allows you to implement Social Selling.

  • Include in your E-Commerce reviews of the products. This way people can see comments and also give their opinion about your brand.
  • Facilitate the shopping experience for your users. Enable customer service channels from your website, for example, chatbots and commercial agents through WhatsApp.
  • Product sharing on social media.
  • Implement personalized cross-sales. Memberships, re-purchase discounts, referral programs, affiliate programs, and other strategies to retain your customers.
  • Empower your Social Sellers with their own websites so they reach their audiences online and generate commissions that improve their lifestyle.

S4DS solutions for Social Selling with E-Commerce

  • Reach new audiences and turn them into Social Sellers.
  • Have a digital sales force.
  • Maximize brand reach.
  • Reduces sales cycle time.
  • Alternative purchasing processes, maximizing Omni Channel presence.

S4 E-Commerce

Offering a product and allowing the customer to place an order at the same time is one of the most important reasons why E-Commerce has become such an important sales channel.

Create and manage your online store and increase your income with discounts, promotional codes and more, and accept a series of secure payment options with our ready-to-use integrations and manage your business.

S4 E-Commerce Create and manage your online store incentivizing customers

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