Social Selling for Direct Selling Companies

Social Selling for Direct Selling Companies

The digitization of Sales, especially in the case of Direct Selling, is a reality of the business world. In its origins, we can say that direct sales were a reselling process, which could be considered as a non-digital social network, where selling was characterized by building a community of Sellers to expand sales coverage and not only to offer products to the final consumer. 

Direct Selling Evolution

Direct selling has been evolving for 125 years hand in hand with technology and leading it to position itself as a solid business model in each change that has occurred. As previously mentioned, the successful introduction of the Direct Sales model allowed companies and sellers to evolve together with the introduction of new technologies, creating new models and Sales opportunities. 

Online Direct Selling

This is where the digital era begins, there were great technological impacts that change not only Sales processes but also Sales channels and customer behavior. At this time, the first online stores and replicated sites were introduced, the client wanted to see digitally what they wanted to buy, learn even more about the products and wanted great traceability coverage, consumption habits that are still valid today.

Social Selling and Influencers 

Companies, Sellers, Sales representatives, and Independent Sellers began to build communities by developing relationships based on interactions with current customers and new prospects through digital channels, turning the Sales Force into social influencers where the fundamental values to sell is credibility and trust in order to solve the client needs and generate not only occasional but recurring Sales.

Direct Selling Evolution

The Process to build a Social Selling channel

The Process to build a Social Selling channel

The previous macro process shows the participating agents and their functions to have an operating Social Selling channel.

Let’s start with marketing, it is in charge of the branding process and the generation of ideas and actions that allow the product to be seen as attractive and then be sold. On the other hand, the commercial team manages the Sales Force to ensure that the brand does create the necessary impact to generate sales and is also in charge of constantly nurturing the size of the Sales team and the knowledge of the Social Sellers, in order to be at the forefront of the needs of customers and then provide solutions from the brand’s products. 

The two aforementioned areas must be in constant contact with the Social Sellers since they are the ones who carry out the different strategies proposed by marketing and the commercial team from their professional profiles on social networks, giving to the strategic plan its personal touch of credibility, generating the content of interest to the community and using the replicated sites as transactional portals to facilitate the purchase of their clients or even attract them to the business opportunity to become Social Sellers.

To organize, monitor, and execute all the previous actions, the Content Factory appears as a fundamental tool, with it you will manage the content that will be delivered to the client at each stage of the Commercial Funnel. If you want to know more about how to generate a content plan and use the content factory, we invite you to read our articles “Building the Content Plan for Social Selling” and “Converting Followers into Customers with Social Selling”.

Now we have already talked about customer acquisition and content creation in the Social Selling process in Direct Selling companies, but we cannot forget that the product must reach the people who have bought it, to achieve this, it is important the participation of an operational area that is in charge of order logistics actions, that is, the distribution or shipment of the product, and along with it the customer service it must be linked to the other areas of the process, also be in favor to resolve doubts, concerns, complaints, and claims that customers have. 

It should be noted that this customer service can also be provided by Social Sellers. Still, there are situations where they demand direct contact with the company and that is where the operations agents appear. 

Main tools used in Social Selling Processes

In conclusion, we can highlight that not only has there been a change in the structure of Direct Selling companies and the profile of their workers but also that thanks to the introduction of new technologies, tools and processes, the evolution has been constant and permanent, making grow the industry and transform it into a great opportunity and a huge solid business model over time.

S4DS solutions for integral implementation of a Social Selling plan

S4 Direct Selling Software 

Provide your sales force with all the technological features they need to increase their sales efficiency. Our S4 Software Solution for Direct Selling can take your business to a new level, by leveraging technology for your consultants:

  • E-Commerce
  • Internal communications timeline
  • Business reports dashboard
  • Cashout commissions
  • CRM

S4 Academy 

S4 Academy is a Social Selling E-learning solution that provides your sales force with professional training in business practices to generate more income through social networks. Our program is carefully designed to cover and implement concepts, best practices, tactics, and work tools so that they can generate successful sales strategies. 

In our S4 Academy, you will find: 

  • Virtual courses focused on Social Selling and Social Commerce.
  • Dictated by experts in Direct Selling and Digital Sales.
  • Focused on creating, implementing, and exploiting social media strategies.
  • Interactive content and real industry examples to accompany the growth of your team.

Our S4 Academy solution is currently available only in Spanish, but will soon be available in English.

S4 Replicated Sites 

With S4 Replicated Websites, you can create a complete Social Selling channel and scale your online presence to reach more clients as you get more sellers. Also, offer personalized and meaningful shopping experiences, for example, with our solutions your affiliates and Influencers can just copy and share their personalized URLs to their clients on multiple platforms and devices.

S4 ChatBot 

Our Chatbot solution is an automated communication channel to accelerate Sales, relationships with customers and support teams, making them more efficient. With S4 Chatbot: 

  • Provide company information through predetermined automated messages. 
  • Transfer to an agent when the user requires personalized attention. 
  • Get information from our centralized Software platform for multiple actions flow such as see the catalog, register, place orders and many more. 

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