Converting Followers into Customers with Social Selling

Converting Followers into Customers with Social Selling

To generate Sales through social networks, companies and sellers develop strategies that allow them to convert relationships into transactions with Social Selling. If you want to understand these processes and, lead your audience through each stage of the commercial funnel, we recommend you visit our articles “Social Selling and Social Commerce, complementary practices” and “Building the Content Plan for Social Selling”, then get to the next step which is the information that we are going to give you today in this blog post. 

Content production – Generating Action

The generation of Content is essential since without it is not possible to have a presence in the digital world, but Content does not sell by itself, the idea is to manage Content that generates action with the audience at each stage of the commercial funnel, sharing in that Content your brand and value message through Inbound Sales.

Create Content that triggers Actions

B2B Businesses

  • Expert and educational content: will provide information that Customers need to have the first approach to your products and the industrial sector. 
  • Content curation from specialized sources: you will not always have all the information you need, so complement it with expert sources.

B2C Businesses

  • Advertising on social networks: to reach new audiences and Customers on social networks, the “reach” must be increased by investing budget in advertising.

B2B2C: Sales representatives

  • Having your own business: describing your product or service as a business opportunity is essential to attract the attention of your Followers and convert them into Customers.

Social Sellers: Independent, Entrepreneurs

  • Planning the weekly Content structure: make a Content Factory where you can track what, when and where to publish
  • Planning the brand and value message: always transmit your “value”, remember, same message, different post formats.

Actions – Generating Interaction 

The Content and strategy will be based on seeking interaction after establishing the first contact, therefore tools for action, interaction and delight are implemented by Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategies. With this strategy you evolve from attracting the attention of Customers, to engaging them to interact through direct communication highlighting the advantages and characteristics of the product or service.

B2B Businesses

  • Quick categorization of prospects by needs, interests and opportunities for improvement: this way you will know how to identify new clients and guide them in a better way towards the purchase.

B2C Businesses: Social Commerce 

  • Join industry groups where information and opportunities are shared: go in search of the audience and potential Customers that you have previously identified. 
  • Talk about relevant topics: contact people and talk about topics that they like and are passionate about, so you will know them more to continue to the next stages.

B2B2C: Sales representatives

  • Share information about how the company you represent compares to other market opportunities and offers more for new representatives.
  • Engage on 1 to 1 conversations with new Followers on Social Media on a daily basis, participating actively and getting to know your community and feedback on their interest in your community.

Social Sellers: Independent, Entrepreneurs

  • Sales through “Live Videos”: being so close to the customer allows you to guide and interact with them based on your offer in a dynamic and attractive way.
  • Publications according to the most active moments of the audience: it is not only the “what” but also “when”, analyze the time with the highest percentage of participation by your audience in digital media and take the opportunity to interact.

Opportunity Development

Look for a way to operate 24 hours a day, you can perform instant messaging automation or use chatbots, you don’t have to answer everything in a real time, but you do have to look for the tools to take advantage of all the opportunities and guide your client to your business hours or deliver the information available at the moment, keep in mind that each business has its moments of interaction.

Leads Attention:

  • Presentation-Negotiation-Follow-up-Immediate attention. Follow this workflow and your clients will be interested in you since you have given them information and personalized attention.

Contact points:

  • Different contact points as groups, social networks, your website, webinars, conferences, all of these to promote prospects education and excellent customer experiences. 

Referral management:

  • By having Referral Programs and Affiliate Codes you motivate your team through compensation and have the opportunity to provide better and faster service since the client already has the context of your business provided by your referral team or another client.


  • Email marketing for prospects. Send your Followers educational and relevant information for them and your business.
  • Participate in forums of different industries. It is important to know the competitors and possible allies, developing business and driving Sales is based on relationships and knowledge.
  • Training offers for the development of your business. Your prospects will feel your guidance and accompaniment, which gives you a plus in the recruitment process. 
  • Product reviews, features and price comparisons. Always highlight your advantages and benefits over the competition, showing that you are a better option than them. 

Social Selling Sales: Turning relationships into transactions

Selling in the digital world and in a Social Selling strategy implies taking Customers to a platform where there is a “call to action” that allows a purchasing process with positive results, to achieve this you have to use different places to communicate your offer and in each Content that is made, a “call to action” must be implemented.

Tools for Social Sellers to sell more

  • Marketplaces: web pages where you can make Sales and purchase B2B or B2C of any product under site policies, for example, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, among others. 
  • Ecommerce: Own commerce websites, in them you can display different calls to action and information only about your business.
  • Replicated Sites: these types of sites can be provided by companies to their sales force in order to have a correct management of referrals, catalogs, Sales control, social networks and more. All this in a personalized way, in other words, is to give the Social Seller its own virtual office which is linked to the operation of the company.
  • Chatbot: this tool informs, educates and entertains the user through automated interactions such as answers to FAQs, checkout flows, and easy customer service communications while maintaining a 24-hour interaction with Customers.

Offer memorable experiences

  • Be Proactive: provide solutions to potential problems for your Customers
  • Offer Functional Experiences: safe shopping certificates, monitoring, constant personalized and automated notifications and communication.
  • Emotional Orientation: messages and Content that go directly to the emotions of the client understanding what they need, want and expect
  • Attract and retain: analyze and understand the entire Customer Journey: Before, during, and after Sales dealing with customer loyalty and retention.


  • Exclusive training for those who have bought recently. Your Customers want information from experts, they want to be educated, offer them the option “buyout” in exchange for your knowledge.
  • Discounts for product reference. Your Followers will not forget the discounts since you helped them get what they wanted for a lower price than usual.
  • Personalization of messages. Increase your credibility and trust, deliver a communication that reflects closeness, friendship and loyalty.
  • Post testimonials and success stories on social media. There is nothing like showing the results and benefits that your product or service can deliver.


It is vital to retain the captured clients and reactivate the strategies that we have mentioned above cyclically and constantly. Think how important it is to provide a good experience to your Customers since the active number of global mobile social media users is more than 3.3 billion, equaling over 42% global penetration (Statista 2019).

S4 Solutions to convert Followers into Customers

S4 Chatbot 

Our Chatbot solution is an automated communication channel to accelerate Sales, relationships with Customers and support teams, making them more efficient.  With S4 Chatbot: 

  • Provide company information through predetermined automated messages. 
  • Transfer to an agent when the user requires personalized attention. 
  • Get information from our centralized Software platform for multiple actions flow such as see catalog, register, place orders and many more. 

S4 Replicated Websites 

With S4 Replicated Websites, you can create a complete Social Selling channel and scale your business presence online to reach more clients as you get more sellers, and offer personalized and meaningful shopping experiences, for example, with us your affiliates and Influencers can just copy and share their personalized URLs to their clients on multiple platforms and devices.

S4 Academy 

S4 Academy is our online professional training system for companies and Social Sellers to be at the forefront of trends and strategic plans demanded by the digital world. Our expert information and carefully developed courses will put you on the path to exponentially increasing Sales, profitability, customer relationships and business growth.

Our S4 Academy solution is currently available only in Spanish, but will soon be available in English. Let’s stay in touch, let us know if you’d like to train your business’s Social Sellers with us. 

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