5 steps to recruit Social Sellers for your sales force

5 steps to recruit Social Sellers for your sales force

In the digital world and even more so in social networks, the functions and strategic actions of Social Sellers in the sales force will make a difference in the process of prospecting for new clients and the exhibition of your products, since they will give it a value of credibility and expansion to audiences where the company does not have high participation. Now, to recruit on social networks you do not look for sellers traditionally, if you want to be successful and scalable, you have to know the commercial environment, the digital behavior of the client, the profile of the seller, and from what is found, define commercial actions for Social Selling  strategies.

In this article, we will teach you from several Social Selling topics, how you should establish and develop a Recruitment strategy to expand your Business model and attract Social Sellers to your sales force.

1. Looking for Social Sellers takes social recruiters

To define the profile of your ideal Social Seller, undertake the search for the skills required to efficiently grow digital media, but not necessarily in your industrial sector. Seek in your Social Sellers the ability to manage social networks, that is to say, that they have an optimal relationship with their audience and on the other hand develop the planning and creation of content, in conclusion, leaving a digital footprint, affinity and passion for digital tools and processes. 

The same way that the profile of your Social Sellers has to be people with a digital footprint, your recruiters have to be digital savvy, commercial oriented and influential on social media, so they can put in place successfully all the rest of the steps to digitally recruit Social Sellers.

When evaluating profiles on social networks to define your ideal Social Seller ask yourself:

  • When I see their profiles. Do I know what they like?
  • Are they active on social media?
  • Do they use hashtags in their content?
  • Participate and interact in groups?
  • Do they interact with the audience in different formats such as video, stories, lives, photos?

2. Recruitment funnel and Customer Journey Map

After defining the target profile and knowing who I want to recruit as a Social Seller, comes the step of “how to do it”, that is where the Recruitment Funnel and the Customer Journey Map take the center stage.

Recruitment funnel and Customer Journey Map

If you do not have knowledge about the development of a commercial funnel for Social Selling, we invite you to read our article “Building the Content Plan for Social Selling” in which you will learn in depth the stages of the funnel, the content strategies to be carried out in them and the the functionality of a content factory.

Keep in mind that you should use your Customer Journey map and Recruitment Funnel to enhance your search but also motivate your customers, audience and users to establish contact with you, provide them descriptive information about your Business opportunity so that people interested in being part of your Social Sellers team are motivated, knows where to find you and realize that you are constantly expanding and training your sales team. The key is to seek new sellers but at the same time attract those you have not found, cover both strategies not just one of them.

3. Inbound: share stories connected to your Business opportunity

  • When you talk about your products: 

Make your products really attractive! Mention your discounts and promotions, talk about the attributes, relate the characteristics to the benefits that it promises, focus on giving added value and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

  • When you talk about your Business opportunity:

Tell in your content what your corporate culture is like, promoting the achievements that Social Sellers can achieve through your Business opportunity, for example share success stories and testimonials of the use of your products and of those who are in your sales team , that is, share emotional and motivational content from your sales team and customers.

  • To position and validate the previous contents:

Give awards and recognitions to those sellers who have achieved goals and objectives, participate in events in your industry, collaborate with other brands by making strategic alliances and use influencer marketing.

4. Outbound: active prospecting

  • Identify and interact with new communities: go in search of forums, blogs, live videos, places where your ideal Social Sellers participate.
  • Emailing: keep your Social Sellers and audience informed and trained on new trends, tools and events.
  • Traditional advertising: Sometimes the engagement of personal and traditional advertising can be greater, do not abandon traditional methods, integrate them into the digital world.
  • One on One contact: 
    • Send direct and personalized messages.
    • Make calls, scan your prospect and present your Business as a solution and complement to the profile you defined previously.

5. Sustainable action for recruits onboarding and activation

Communication / Monitoring

Encourage the enrollment decision: share differential information about what your Business is, does and what it represents in the near future. 

Being part of something bigger than an opportunity: don’t just mention the financial gain, describe the great magnitude of your Business such as the opportunities for personal growth and how you expand your community of entrepreneurs.


Frequently Asked Questions: clarify all the information about your opportunity and the benefits it brings, the registration processes, income and earnings, training, teamwork, get your prospects out of doubt.

Quickstart program: communicate the “you can achieve your goals and results from the first day you start the business”, have a program that ensures to new Sellers the quick perception of income to strengthen motivation, participation and growth.

Social Selling training: you have to offer a solid and consistent training plan to get your new Social Sellers active and motivated to reach more clients and sell more, and, at the same time, you keep your Social Sellers informed and updated on market trends, digital tools, social media features and tools they can use. 

Now you know, the profile and search of Social Sellers are not the same as traditional sellers prospecting processes, to get Social Sellers it is essential to have corporate digital strategies that attract from motivational content, stories and experiences, digital people who perceive the advantages of participating in this Business model

S4 Solutions to recruit Social Sellers 

S4 Social Selling Implementation Plan 

With our S4 Social Selling Solution, we offer you a complete implementation plan in your business in which we cover:

  • Business Design.
  • Content Factory building consultancy.
  • Recruitment processes.
  • Social Sellers training.
  • Technology for Selling processes and Social Sellers operation:
    • E-Commerce.
    • Replicated e-commerce website for Social Sellers.
    • Virtual office for Social Sellers.
    • Complete administrative back office for Business management.

S4 Academy 

S4 Academy is a Social Selling E-learning solution that helps to boost your sales team with training in Business practices to generate more income through social networks. We offer a platform with courses, workshops, evaluations, videos, and more, aimed to teach sellers how to become Social Sellers.

Benefits of S4 Academy:

  • Train your sales force to continue generating income.
  • Implement new Business channels.
  • Act fast, preparing your Sellers for new scenarios.

Our S4 Academy solution is currently available only in Spanish, but will soon be available in English. Let’s stay in touch, let us know if you’d like to train your business’s Social Sellers with us. 

S4 ChatBot 

Our Chatbot solution is an automated communication channel to accelerate Sales, relationships with customers and support teams, making them more efficient. With S4 Chatbot: 

  • Provide company information through predetermined automated messages. 
  • Transfer to an agent when the user requires personalized attention. 
  • Get information from our centralized Software platform for multiple actions flow such as see the catalog, register, place orders and many more.

Let’s stay in touch!

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