Content Types to boost your Commercial Funnel

Content Types to Boost your Commercial Funnel

Social Networks and websites are the new centers of promotion, sales and customer service, so brands and sellers should not leave aside the integration of these channels in their Social Commerce and Social Selling strategy. However, it should be understood that these channels are not managed in the same way, within each one there are different types of customers and different moments to attend, so companies and sellers need to align the Content with the situation and complement their Social Commerce strategy with Social Selling, this integration will give them coverage of all sales on digital platforms.

From the previous ideas is where the importance of categorizing and classifying Content is born, if the content is not divided for different situations and client profile types, the Content Plan won’t have positive results, it will make the client feel no interest in what companies and sellers show in their digital channels, which reflects a low level of sales. In other words, planning, classifying and categorizing the content lets you know the exact goal of the strategy implemented at the moment, which leads to better management of the digital commercial actions and response to customer demand.

Boosting the Commercial Funnel with Content

A powerful and nurtured Commercial Funnel for Social Selling works systematically only if you create and constantly share content for all the different funnel stages in which your customers are; in order to incentivize different actions you might want them to take, to advance in the purchasing process. 

Today, we are going to give you different examples of Content Types and formats you can use so you get a good idea on how to vary your content creation for Social Selling if you are B2B or B2C:

Content to create Social Selling Awareness

At this stage, you need to sensitize your audience and potential customers. Focus your strategy on attractive informative content that allows your audience to know about your presence, who you are, and what do you do.

Benefits of your product or service

In the B2C case, you can make publications on all Social Networks about the benefits of your product in an informative way through an image of your product or you using the product. In a B2B case, present your product as a solution or driver in the improvement of business processes, graphically show through an infographic, or a presentation on your website, or a video on Social Networks how you can bring better profitability to companies by improving their business.

Sharing your benefits will allow your clients to know the general panorama of benefits that your product or service offers. If these are expressed as a solution to a certain need of your audience, you will cause impact and you will be on their radar of shopping alternatives. 

Social Selling content to rise Interest 

Your audience has already identified their need or problem, but they need and want more information to continue with their purchase decision making process.


An “Ebook” is an electronic book that you can publish on your Social Networks through an external link or your website. This type of content will be very useful to deal with detailed information and in-depth, topics of interest that your clients are looking for. 

This type of Content can be applied to both cases, B2B and B2C, the difference lies in the use of language, since for B2B the language must be from a business, formal focus and, linked to the industrial sector that is being treated. For example, if your company is a clothing brand, your industrial sector is fashion, therefore you should speak from the dictionary and trends that this sector contains. The language for B2C can be a little more friendly and informal as if you were speaking to a person and not to a company.

Build Lead Nurture and Engagement with content

In this stage content is made to inspire the purchase, this is where you go from attracting to impulse your audience to buy your products or services.

Success stories and testimonials – For B2C 

You can share testimonials and success stories on your Social Networks or website. Choose one or more customers who have received a specific result thanks to your product in a specific situation. This allows you to not only communicate and share the result but also the context and process that you and your client had to go through to achieve it. Don’t mention all your cases in one post, use them progressively, for example once or twice a week.

Comparative with the competition – For B2B 

You can make posts explaining or evidencing in a graphic and textual way the benefits and competitive advantages that your product or service has over the competition, such as prices, personalized attention and guarantees.

Make Social Selling content to convert Purchases

Show that your product works not only for other people but also for the customer of that moment, make the customer make their purchase decision immediately.  

Coupons or discount codes for first purchases – For B2C 

You can carry out a short survey of your products or a form where your audience and clients deliver you relevant data such as a phone number, email address, or “Where did you find out the product”. This format can be published on Social Networks through a link in your “biography”, Feed, Direct Message, or an independent post. Once the user has finished with your format, they will receive from you a discount code or coupon that they can use in your store.

Free samples and demos of product or service – For B2B 

Nothing better than checking for free, you can offer a test, demo or a small sample of your product or service, so your business clients will be able to check and demonstrate in their own business, the group of characteristics and benefits that you have mentioned in the previous stages. 

Do not forget to strengthen Customer Success with content

Give your customer loyalty content and personalized attention to fully integrate him into your community. 

Mailing – For B2B and B2C 

You can send emails based on graphic content where you show:

  • News of your products, services, brand, or social media profile.
  • “Thank you” messages for buying.
  • Webinar invitations and reminders.
  • Newsletters. News and articles on topics of interest to your customers.

Webinars – For B2B and B2C 

To carry out a Webinar, keep in mind:

  • Establish the schedule and number of participants if there is a limit.
  • Share your screen, a presentation or a video to give dynamics to the talk and have a guide.
  • Take care of the questions that your clients ask you in the chat or the topics that they have asked in comments by Social Networks.

S4 Solutions to support your content sharing with your network

S4 Academy 

S4 Academy is a Social Selling E-learning solution that helps to boost your sales team with training in business practices to generate more income through Social Networks.

Our courses have been carefully designed so that companies and sellers are trained in the concepts, best practices, tactics, and tools so that, together with the business content, they can generate successful sales strategies in their Social Networks.

Reach your goals and objectives with S4 Academy 

  • Train your sales team to continue generating income.
  • Implement new business channels and content formats.
  • Act fast, preparing yourself for new scenarios.
  • Anticipate the upcoming content and consumption changes.

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S4 Replicated Websites 

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