How a Social Selling Software can boost your sales growth

How a Social Selling Software can boost your sales growth

It is no secret to anyone that technology helps to optimize external and internal business processes in companies. The tools provided by technological developments in Software make the execution of strategic plans more effective and efficient, having greater control over logistics, commercial and operational actions and it may even be the case that the company that makes the most of these tools, take a step towards organizational transformation by maximizing business efforts, positioning above the competition and preparing new ideas for the changing technological environment where customer behavior becomes increasingly complex. 

On the other hand, the new online sales platforms and social networks have forced companies and sellers to focus their attention on building a digital community not only based on product and service promotions but also relationships, seeking to expand their business further from the traditional, experimenting and applying what we know today as Social Selling, a strategy that undoubtedly expands the reach and interactions with unknown audiences, promoting brand values, attracting new customers, new experiences and more sales.

By relating these two powerful tools, companies and sellers will have a new strategic sales model where they will cover all their commercial actions in a single platform, bringing great benefits such as:

Real-time data management with Social Selling Software:

Collecting and organizing data from your clients is undoubtedly a task that cannot be forgotten when looking for new prospects. Manually organizing so much data can lead to errors and the possibility of losing customers or buying opportunities. 

However, in a Social Selling Software, you can store your data with complete security, organize, categorize and filter it in a personalized way, allowing you to have an organization ready to continue building relationships in different situations, without abandoning any client, on the contrary, you will store the information in a solid and easy-to-use place where you will know what process you are going through with each of them, having control of your conversion funnel.

Relevant shopper information available to each Social Seller

Centralizing the information in one place is one of the great advantages that a Social Selling Software brings. On numerous occasions due to lack of availability of information, sellers cannot prepare well to face the customer, but with this powerful tool, your entire sales team can provide a complete, agile, and qualified customer service since they have access through the CRM to the entire data source where they can collect the information they need to be prepared when negotiating or contacting the different clients. All while you can prioritize and restrict access to data, establishing certain users for certain information.

Systematize business actions

It is very important to keep track of commercial actions, kind of having a “map” showing what you are doing and what needs to be done in a certain period, also the people in charge of several functions, documented processes, integrations with third parties and other alternatives that will optimize the internal communication of your company, allowing you to have a better approach to meeting goals and objectives, systematizing your business processes. 

Data analysis for decision making

Social Selling Software offers data analysis functionalities to create reports easily and make more accurate decisions, minimizing the time invested in these tasks, quickly locating the information they need such as customer opportunities and sales goals.

S4DS Software, more and better competitive advantages

Provide your sales force with all the technological features they need to increase their sales efficiency. Our S4 Software Solution for Direct Selling and Social Selling can take your business to a new level, by leveraging technology for your sales team:


Offering a product and making an order at the same moment is one of the most important reasons why E-commerce has been implemented in our Software, but there are a lot more functionalities designed to cover all other aspects.

  • Pricing list
  • Search engine tool
  • Favorite products classification
  • Tracking screen for customers
  • Product sales filters
  • Multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Consultants and influencers’ enrollment

Cashout commissions

We have the following screens that will help you manage and visualize the progress of the distributors within the compensation plan of the company:

  • Management of indicators
  • Configuration of ranges or qualifications
  • Continuity of ranges to see the growth of our clients
  • Commission machine to configure all business rules
  • Detailed monitoring by sales cycles
  • Real-time calculations throughout the cycle
  • Payment of commissions
  • Conversion rate

Back Office 

We got all the tools to turn consultants into your brand influencers. In this office we present how every time a consultant logs in to manage their business, what they see and the features they can take advantage of to maximize their sales efforts

  • Training material 
  • Customer management 
  • Order management 
  • Report dashboards 
  • Commissions indicators

Replicated Sites 

Influencers E-commerce allows brands to supply their sales force with their own Website and E-commerce as an extension of the Company’s Online Store. Here influencers and consultants will have their personal information and will be able to customize it.

The company has control over this replicated site through the administrator’s backoffice. Every sale made on the E-commerce of the influencer or the social seller will generate a commission automatically calculated for them.


The administration of the sales force lets you carry out administrative functions on the own or on the extended structure of the network, transfers, activation, and inactivation and monitoring of all your information. In addition to that, it also has:

  • Management of commercial structures / genealogy
  • Consult and monitor distributors
  • Segmentation of clients
  • Performance indicators
  • Personal cards
  • Management of territories
  • Configuration, creation and editing of the compensation structure

Reports for the management of the Sales Force:

  • Performance indicators
  • Consults on historical statistics of the client
  • General report of clients
  • Report of segmentation by commercial status
  • Sales – Commercial agenda

The benefits and advantages do not end here! We have many more functions and alternatives for you! Do you want to know more?

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