Business Fair Entrepreneurship Opportunities Direct Selling AEVD Ecuador 2020: Social Selling

Business Fair Entrepreneurship Opportunities Direct Selling AEVD Ecuador 2020: Social Selling

2020 has made us all think about the future, a future that has reached our companies, societies, industries, families and each of our routines at a rapid pace, but which has also allowed us to challenge ourselves, try new ways of doing things, to develop our work, to communicate and ultimately, to continue innovating so that our companies continue to offer our clients the solutions they need.

Today I share with you my most recent experience in participating in the Direct Selling Entrepreneurship Fair held by the Ecuadorian Direct Selling Association (AEVD) on October 20, in which I spoke about Social Selling for Direct Selling companies.

It was an excellent international digital Direct Selling conference in which the public-private alliance of Direct Selling companies, suppliers, entrepreneurs and experts participated by sharing information and experiences on topics focused on the business opportunities that our industry offers, digital marketing to launch a Direct Selling business, digital personal branding, entrepreneurship advice and the power of social media, among others.

Along with those topics, the talk I contributed to the event covered:

Social Selling for Direct Selling companies

To present this topic, I covered information from the evolution of Direct Selling and the different models that have been representative for our industry.

Understanding a unique current context to humanity, the commercial, logistical and business efficiency challenges, the importance of having customer-centric, sustainable, online businesses, with a presence in social networks and that are also at the hand of empowering independent sellers.

Also, I talk about Social Selling in response to the current challenges of our Direct Selling industry. Sales through the opportunities offered by Direct Selling as the foundation of sustainability for millions of people who represent sustainability for our companies, vindicate the commitment that as an industry we have with society and represent the adaptability and resilience of Sales businesses direct to change, the adoption of technology as a tool to maximize the reach of each of the independent sellers.

I decided to also include information on how the Digital Transformation of Direct Selling companies for the implementation of Social Selling channels is directly linked to the training for the transformation of the sellers that make up the sales force of each of the companies, it is fundamental to understand the different profiles of Digital Transformation and the role they play in diversifying the scope that the business has to different online and offline audiences.

The Digital Transformation is also accompanied by the adaptation of the internal processes of the company so that by operating efficiently they allow sellers to offer better shopping experiences to their customers, with adaptation in the billing, logistics and marketing processes that are customer centric.

Enabling the Social Selling channel requires a content factory that generates content for the entire commercial funnel of the company and the distributors, understanding the requirements and characteristics of each stage, and also requires tools that digitally enable sales such as replicated sites and virtual offices where each salesperson can manage his business, his commissions and his clients, without being at any time detached from the operation of the company. And it also requires training in empowering people to use social networks as commercial channels to sell more.

Finally, I talk about technology as an enabler of the Social Selling channel implementation process to ensure excellent user experience for end customers, engagement, education and support for independent sellers, and trust, comprehensive management and vision of the future for the company.

I thank Maria Fernanda León for the invitation and as the leader of S4DS, I hope that from our organization we can continue to support the association to continue working for the well-being of each of the members, collaborators and clients of our industry.

This participation was carried out in Spanish, however if you want to know more about Social Selling for Direct Selling companies, I invite you to visit our S4DS Blog where you can find articles on different topics for the Direct Selling industry such as Social Selling and the great strategy that defines this methodology to improve each of our businesses.

Are you ready to experience the impact of technology on your business?

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