How to improve Software as a Service setup in Direct Selling

How to improve Software as a Service setup in Direct Selling

At S4DS we know that technology can make any type of business grow and improve, especially when it comes to Software as a Service and Direct Selling. However, there are several fundamental and crucial points to adapt Direct Selling business models to this technology, and these points, these steps, are within the implementation of the digital tool and teaching how it is used. 

That is why in this article we want to talk to you about the process of implementing a Software as a Service (SaaS) in Direct Selling so that you and your sales team know what actions are required to be carried out jointly with the SaaS supplier to achieve a correct implementation, agile adaptability and great results.

How to get started with a SaaS

To start with the process of implementing a SaaS in a Direct Selling company, the main idea is to be clear about a series of fundamental information pillars that will make the integration of the system into the business model easier and faster, in addition to strengthening the supplier relationship -company. 

The following pillars must be proposed and agreed upon from the beginning both by the company that is going to acquire the Software and the supplier, although not all the pillars are developed immediately, with the progress, they will be finished. It is better to have the implementation guide from the beginning to avoid setbacks and to be able to have a defined action schedule according to the balance of resources and the available work hours.

Ensure clarity in business information

It is important to know key information of the business to think which fast and effective path to choose when starting with the SaaS implementation. You must also make sure that your supplier meets all the requirements from the core of the business. From this it is important to share:

The description of the company: make a brief about what the company does and what its business model is, its size and how you carry out the business processes both strategically and logistics. This will give the supplier a clear panorama of how many people will be using the SaaS and how it can meet the requirements.

Digital presence: if you have a digital presence, share with your supplier your website, social networks and digital platforms that you use to know what needs have to be improved and what can be highlighted.

Have the business goals

Start by asking yourself, Why do we want this tool? and Why does my company need it? What do we want to achieve? This will allow you to draw a map towards the treasure hunt, which in this case would be to achieve some objective or goal that you have when implementing a SaaS in your Direct Selling company. This will make the work more agile and safer, you will have a “north”, you will meet goal by goal if you have them planned, otherwise, you will be sailing in an unknown ocean.

Always stay in touch

Communication is crucial in any teamwork; not everything will be done by your Software as a Service supplier, both parties will have tasks to do, so we recommend having a “project leader” and a team from your company that is in constant contact to make effective the procedure of each process and requirement of the work plan. The “project leader” and team in charge must be the same throughout the project because if you change them, you can slow down the implementation since all information that the previous “project leader” in charge already had must be received by a new one.

On the other hand, we recommend choosing a communication channel with easy access and speed, where you can easily establish last minute meetings, urgent messages, and most importantly where you can interact with clarity and closeness.

Work Breakdown structure

Have a structured action plan, defining the actions and goals is one step but not the only one, you must also establish the times when they will be carried out, the roles for each action, the follow-up and monitoring that you will have for each process, structure the communications plan and project focus. 

Gather all the required information in an editable document and use it as a guide or checklist for the advancement of the Software as a Service implementation. We recommend preparing the document together with your supplier to take into account even the smallest detail of the action plan.

Define the risks

Risks are also part of the work, think about those factors that can negatively affect the flow of the project and the implementation of the SaaS, this task must also be done together with your supplier, the journey that both have will help to establish a response plan if there is a problem that you have already highlighted in your risk documentation.

Training is crucial

Make sure that not only your supplier implements the tool to your Direct Selling business model, but also that they train your sales team to use it. Training and more training is the key to get the most out of a Software as a Service and finally be aimed at being different from the competition and increasing sales by improving all business processes.

S4DS a great ally in SaaS

Learn about the power of an online corporate software system fully functional, combined with your company information and the business potential of your Sellers. At S4DS we offer a unique Software as Service solution that allows customers to manage their E-Commerce and all the activities involved in their Direct Selling processes.

With our Software as a Service Solution acquire: 

  • Complete adaptability to any Direct Selling business through agile implementation methodologies.
  • Different and dynamic setup packages.
  • Complete creation and boosting strategies for your E-Commerce.
  • Improve your web management and digital processes.
  • Increase and solidify your relationship with the sales force.
  • Have complete control of all the commercial operations of your business.

By using our Software as a Service solution, your Direct Selling company will achieve faster growth of the customer base wherever you are, minimizing costs thanks to our scalability, resulting in stronger relationships with the sales force and excellent improvement in each commercial action.

With our disruptive process and agile implementation methodologies, we comply with each of the items mentioned in this article and many more, facilitating millions of lives and motivating people to work in the Direct Selling industry to increase their income and business expansion.

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