Gamification in Direct Selling, the future is now

Gamification in Direct Selling, the future is now

You might have not heard the term “Gamification,” but we all have been subject to this trend and its practices. In this article, S4DS presents a proactive approach to the use of Gamification in modern Direct Selling Companies.


What is “Gamification?”

From the Cambridge dictionary, “the practice of making activities more like games in order to make them more interesting or enjoyable.” This definition applies to any activity, but it has been highly used in work environments to encourage people’s participation in group tasks and in achieving common goals.


How can gamification make Direct Selling message viral?

Gamification can also be the marketing tool that Direct Selling has been waiting for to make its messaging go viral. How? 

With innovative and captivating communication, tools and training methods that support the business model and take distributors to a new level of engagement.


Monetary incentives for Consultants:

  • Keep using ranking systems but make them more dynamic, more achievable, and with both short-term and long-term plans and rewards that make distributors feel like they are leveling up in a game (of course, while they are making money).
  • Implement fast start enrollment programs for new consultants to make a strong first step with the company along with training. Walk them through their training, and the tolls they are going to use while they receive the starting kit.


Emotional incentives for Consultants:

  • Create rewards different from your compensation plan, with products, trips, presents, and surprise rewards for all your Distributors and Clients, new and old, loyal and one-timers, that increases brand loyalty.


Long Term incentives for Consultants:

Implementing points rewards programs to keep Consultants active to achieve small milestones to keep leveling up to higher ranks and point rewards that lead to a bigger price as they generate sales and advance in the “game.”


How to achieve Gamification success in Direct Selling?

  • Create plans that encourage distributors to share their achievements and other distributors to join those plans, turning them into direct participants of the business model and aligning them with the corporate plan KPI.
  • Build storytelling throughout the ranking path to keep distributors inspired and anxious to get to the next level.
  • Start using social media contests to engage new generations purest gamification mode, social media sharing.
  • Change your compensation plan wording, make it sound like a game, and share your message to inspire “competition” and to create communities that play with you.
  • Use all the data you have from your Consultants and clients to generate interaction


How to make Gamification fun in Direct Selling?

If the company is taking gamification actions and still are not making their distributors enjoy their process, there are actions that can make it sound, look and feel more fun:

  • Implement group goals to encourage the participation of distributors in groups.
  • Use dashboards of goals that show the performance of the complete network to incentive competition to achieve goals and show how everyone is performing, and what the winners have gotten, thus inspiring the rest of the network.
  • Offering constant interactive feedback and follow up on the compensation plan.
  • Add short-term goals in which participating is a small game to offer variety, and keep distributors interested. 
  • Offer special badges for your Consultants Replicated Sites so they can proudly sell as “verified” sellers, that can validate your message and increase their sales.


Which redeemable options to offer?

Economic benefits for Consultants:

  • Make sure to include clear messaging on what Consultants are getting in terms of money and rewards, and make sure to fulfill the dispatch on time when they achieve those rewards. (Commission payments, special bonuses, special discounts…)


Emotional benefits for Consultants:

  • Recognize and make public the performance of the people in their Network, include them in corporate activities, reward winners with trips and access to new experiences like concert tickets, spa days…

Include in the compensation plan point rewards for long-term goals based on short-term achievements to have a connection in the complete program to retain the attention of the network.


S4DS Solutions for Direct Selling and Omnichannel to boost sales

We at S4DS are here to help you implementing Gamification  in your business model. With our configurable Software Solution as a Service (SaaS) you can:

  • Have a powerful rule engine that supports all types of business rules for Commission points and awards, ranking levels, etc…
  • Include contests and raffles, and incentives to motivate distributors
  • Include dynamic goals in which distributors can see how they are performing and what they still need to do to reach a goal.
  • Allow Distributors to share information between them and with their downline Network to participate in group dynamics.
  • Rewards Dashboards, and live updates of sales and commissions.
  • Offer Sales Force Training with the E-learning interactive courses module.
  • Notifications of interactions through the timeline (images and comments).
  • Personalize introduction messages for each distributor Replicated Sites.


And many other functionalities, visit all of them on our Products page:

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