We have a module of performance indicators where you can see the status of the most relevant operation activities of the company in real time .

Additionally, there is a complete sub-module of reports: detailed, historical consolidated information on the different activities of the company's operation. With the possibility of downloading reports in PDF and Excel by columns, only those necessary for the company and schedule the different reports to send periodically to one or several users.

Below you can find some of the existing reports:

  • Network - New
  • Customers -Sales
  • Consolidated by categories
  • Sales - Invoices
  • Canceled Orders
  • Portfolio - Movements Service Level
  • Events - Party Plan
  • Logistics (Orders - freight - cargo - year - Service - Despatches)
  • Statistic - Red
  • Report of points
  • Dynamic Report
  • Consolidated sales
  • Consolidated Visits
  • Consolidated Products
  • Consolidated Dispatches
  • Consolidated Profitability
  • Detailed-  Payments
  • Detailed Portfolio
  • Detailed Products

Finally we have multidimensional analysis where important indicators of the sector are visualized in a detailed way: carrying out an analysis of sales, orders ,  units, service levels, and the indicators of the sales network.

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