Maintaining the Social Selling momentum for Direct Selling businesses

social selling 2023

During the last social-distancing years the nature of the interpersonal relationships in Direct Selling has moved into digital interactions which created a big and strong wave of Social Selling trends in the Direct Selling industry. 

Direct Selling businesses thrive with human connections and relationships and, technology along with digital transformation programs became means for direct sellers to maintain their businesses and to connect with more people in their communities with closer relationships and even in other geographies in which they did not have influence before. 

Today and, looking into 2023, Social Selling is not the same influencer-type marketing that we experienced in 2020, a new challenge to build authentic relationships, personalized conversations, and scaling businesses is on the horizon for both the independent representatives and the Direct Selling companies.

So, is Social Selling still a thing for Direct Selling businesses? 

social selling 2023

While Social Selling as a sales trend has come to change the way interactions happen for Direct to consumer sales to happen, Direct Selling companies need to step up the game for Social Sellers and customers to remain interested in the products and services and be loyal to the brands. 

Social Selling as a sales trend is here to stay and, independent representatives can maximize its potential if they have the right tools, training, and message to strengthen their digital presence, their personal branding, and, all in all, the customer experience they offer in their independent businesses as independent representatives of the Companies they work with.

How can Direct Selling businesses face the new Social Selling? 

By training on digital sales tactics, consistent product development, innovation, and training, aligning the corporate culture with the brand and the communications message, leading rather than reacting to customer experience processes, and keeping consistent brand marketing material sharing with the sales force. Direct Selling businesses can create an engine for growth and effective defense against an ever-changing environment.

Training Digital Forces:

Make sure to include dynamic, semi-personalized, broad, and at the same time detailed for the independent sales representatives on all three main business areas:

  • The products and services
  • Best sales Practices
  • Compensation Plan and Network building

With S4DS’s sales force management modules, you can keep constant contact with your Direct Selling business sales force and integrate the training with sales objectives, compensation plan levels, and incentives. All while keeping in contact through the back office CRM and timeline that is connecting the virtual offices of all the independent representatives with your main administrative platform.

Outline Clear Sales goals:

A vital best practice for sales teams and for keeping sales forces motivated and on track is to help them determine what the Social Selling goals are.

These sales goals will help your sales force by being guides at every step, all while accompanied by training on the social selling strategy and an actionable plan that is continuously presented to the representatives, and a goals board that is easy to track and encourage the efforts.

When developing the Social Selling goals list, ensure that everyone is aware of these goals, as all the efforts and actions the team will perform from there on, will be based on achieving these social selling goals.

Digital Sales Tactics:

Some tactics are crucial for Social Sellers that are independent representatives to master:

  1. Building a strong professional personal brand to accomplish the Social Selling goals.

Succeeding in getting social selling sales requires strong personal branding that showcases the personality of the social sellers and the values of the company they represent. Helping your representatives to build a good personal brand takes training efforts and customizable content they can adapt and share as their own while staying on brand. 

For these efforts, you need to equip your sales force with the right tools. In the S4DS’s social sellers back office you can share different folders of branded content with guidelines of use that your independent representatives can turn into social selling content and maximize their social media presence and their social selling sales by appealing closer to their audience and getting more niche customers because their content even tho its branded, it represents them and all the great things that connect them with that person.

  1. Create personalized Customer Experiences

Offering great customer experiences by each social seller to their customers can turn a direct selling business completely around by making everything feel more personalized and creating loyal relationships between customer – social seller and company. 

To get independent representatives to understand and make their role in satisfactory end-to-end customer experiences with their digital connections they need the right training on sales funnels, sales messaging, and content generation for different stages of their customer journeys.

With S4DS’s back-offices, Direct Sales independent representatives have complete CRM management of their business leads and can get in touch with them while maintaining a record of actions and messages. 

In s4DS’s back-offices, your business has sales and marketing modules with which you can share content and customer service guidelines with your representatives, all along with a completely integrated CRM that lets management of information about end-customers through their sales representatives but all while you can stay on top of the customer support management of each case.

  1. Identify and Build Key Relationships 

Building strong relationships with their audience is what turns followers into customers, but for this, social sellers need to learn how to use their audience’s language, create key relationships map and strategies to connect with them, use targeted marketing, and nurture relationships online. 

Teach your independent representatives to take the brand values and message and align it with their personal brand to provide outstanding customer service and support through their customer’s needs and expectations with S4DS’s CRM capabilities.

To provide personalized, relevant, and timely content to ensure the customers have the highest possibility of engagement with the social sellers you can use S4DS’s marketing modules and Social Selling files management modules

You might also be interested in Network management, Communication tools that allow leaders to segment communication groups, message boards, private messages, and others. These help individuals establish authentic one-on-one communications and value interactions with other independent representatives and connect with their customers.

Let’s get your Direct Selling business ready for Social Selling in 2023

Let’s get your Direct Selling business transformed and ready for the new Social Selling. Find out more about how S4DS can help personalize and improve your distributor and customer experience while increasing your sales, request a demo here.