Customer and Representatives Success Experiences in the Direct Selling Industry: How and Why?

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What is customer-centricity in Direct Selling?

Customer centricity has a whole different meaning in the direct selling industry. The challenge of making strategies, plans, and actions to maintain a business that has two different audiences in the social media era mean that Direct Selling businesses have to be thinking all the time about how to be B2B and B2C. 

Having a customer-centric Direct Selling business means that you work daily to satisfy both the Independent representatives and the Customers, but historically, Direct Selling companies did not have the access to the end-customer information that they have today which changes the competitive arena for direct selling business compared to retail.

To deliver successful Customer Experiences to these 2 groups, Direct Selling businesses need to leverage their strengths, resources, and knowledge for appealing to the expectations of each audience.

Wait, should Direct Selling focus on Customer Success or Distributor Success?

While maintaining happy distributors is a must, it can be done through recognition, training, support, and compensation in a fair and timely manner, which is a field that the direct selling businesses are experts in.

A new challenge appears when it comes to providing personalized Customer Experiences to end customers. To have customer retention, businesses need to mix customer knowledge, information, and technology to leverage the contact they have through independent representatives with the end customers while maximizing the business for each distributor. It sounds complicated, but providing customer-centric experiences cannot happen by implementing some direct-to-consumer channels and leaving out the representatives. So,

Why does your Direct Selling business need to focus on end-customer satisfaction?

Happy customers are loyal and returning customers.

Returning Customers are happy and well-compensated independent representatives.

Happy and well-compensated representatives are loyal representatives and more sales for Direct Selling Businesses.

your Direct Selling business need to focus on the end-customer satisfaction

This is what your Direct Selling business can do to provide Customer Success Experiences

Top quality products and services, multiple payment options, faster deliveries, more straightforward returns, and exchanges, shipping tracking and customer profiles, support, and customer service omnichannel. Branding and engaging content on multiple platforms. These are some of the actions Direct Selling businesses have to take to deliver a Customer Experience that satisfy the expectations of the end customers.

Training, business development platforms, fast compensation payout, social media content, knowledge bases, automated support, and business reports are needed for an exceptional independent representative experience that drives more loyalty and sales.

Knowing what activates the excitement of independent representatives and customers is key to delivering successful customer experiences and leveraging the relationship between independent representatives and end customers while getting data on customer knowledge and support expectations.

Now this, is how your Direct Selling business can leverage technology to provide Customer Success Experiences

For all mentioned previously, your Direct selling business does not need a different CRM, Support, data analytics, marketing, and compensation plan management providers. 

All these, and more modules are ready to be set up for your business with our one-stop solution for Direct Selling: S4DS Software. 

  1. Personalize shopping experiences for your end-customers with replicated e-commerces for representatives and super-replicated websites for your influencers and ambassadors. Make the most out of your brand message and image by making it live through shopping experiences that are seamless from social media to e-commerce.
  2. Offer the best customer support experience with dynamic knowledge bases of FAQs on the website for end-customer profiles and, get your independent representatives involved by having a CRM on their virtual offices that lets them get in touch with customers’ support tickets and replies at the same time that your customer service and support teams manage cases with complete information.
  3. Strengthen your brand message and Social Selling capabilities by providing your independent representatives with training and branded materials for brand positioning and social media presence.
  4. Provide customer support and customer service with S4DS’s complete CRM coverage  with automation capabilities, knowledge base, and reporting capabilities to give both your audiences the best of the CRM world for each one’s specific needs:
  • Allowing independent representatives to be more in contact than ever with their clients and networks.
  • Supporting direct sellers and their business needs with content marketing:
    • Retargeting campaigns to segmented groups
    • Personalized content sharing 
    • Chatbot
    • Personalized real-life campaigns with corporate guidelines

To find out more about how S4DS can help personalize and improve your distributor and customer experience while increasing your sales, request a demo.