4 Direct Selling industry trends for 2022 – 2023

direct selling trends

What is happening with Direct Selling trends now?

The post-pandemic world brings new challenges to our industry. The geopolitical instability affects the industry and the short and long-term planning. The human connectivity and interactions that are coming back have brought new expectations in the consumers that have gotten used to online commerce and in the independent representatives and Direct Selling company staff members that have changed operations with accelerated digital transformation processes.

The new digitalization brings trends for Direct Selling companies that include strengthening their message and business models by leveraging their culture, technology, digital footprint, messaging tactics, and customer service strategies to reach even more people in customers and independent representatives successfully.

These are the most important trends for the Direct Selling industry for the last Q2022 and 2023: 

1. Training sales forces

  • Independent representatives in sales forces include people of all ages, very diverse backgrounds, and geographically apart, offer training programs for them represents a challenge and a change in perspective for sales teams, who are expected to stay one step ahead and offer sales training that includes important trends and breaking news on the industry, the company, and the compensation plan, all while involving the independent representatives through quick digital engagements on fast start programs focused on helping them achieve sales goals and network building.
  • Training, given the digitalization in the Direct Selling industry, has to have a new focus on empowering independent representatives with sales tools that can make them successful anywhere while making them feel so well about the company, the brand, and the offer, that they never want to leave. 

2. Mobile first

  • Social selling and E-Commerce focused on mobile devices. The use of digital platforms and the goals of increasing recruitment and retention requires mobile-optimized platforms.
  • Optimizing Direct Selling online solutions from e-commerce websites to seamless user experiences in the independent sellers’ virtual offices to operate on mobile devices and desktops is a must.

3. Human-centric technology

  • The uniqueness of the B2B2C business model of Direct Selling companies is due to the relationship between the company and the independent representatives and the relationships between them and the end customers. Require technologies that adapt to the needs and expectations of all the different segments in the sales forces with their strengths and communication styles and the understanding of how to maximize these differences and provide technology solutions focused on those.
  • Digital transformation processes have to be focused on boosting distributor growth and improving customer experiences for both the independent representatives and the end customers and users of the products or services.
  • Digital transformation has to be customer-centric and brand-oriented to get representatives connected with the brand message and use technology as a tool to ease their sales processes.

4. Customer success experiences

  • Competing with online retailers takes the best of the Direct selling businesses to a new level. 
  • Maximize human interaction through digital platforms incentivizes Direct Selling businesses to provide their independent representatives with tools for customer support and customer service that allow them to have brand communications and social selling efforts through consistency, familiarity, and repetition in the messages and images shared on Social Selling interactions with a brand language that draws in customers in a new engaging way.

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