We know the importance that distributors have in direct sales companies, that’s why we offer different modules in our system that allow to manage, monitor and communicate with them:

The administration of the sales force allows to carry out administrative functions on the own or on the extended structure of the network, transfers, activation and inactivation and monitoring of all your information. In addition to that, it also has:

  • Management of commercial structures / genealogy
  • Consult and monitor distributors
  • Genealogy tree and modifications to it
  • Ranks – Qualification titles
  • Segmentation of clients
  • Performance indicators
  • Interaction – Automatic
  • Messaging to the sales force
  • Personal cards
  • Management of territories
  • Zone Division Zone
  • Zones Fusion
  • Management of compensation plans
  • Configuration, creation and editing of the compensation structure
  • Contracts
  • Limited lists

Reports for the management of the Sales Force:

  • Performance indicators
  • Consults on historical statistics of the client
  • General report of clients
  • Report of segmentation by commercial status
  • Sales – Commercial agenda

S4DS software has a fully integrated issues management system. In this module you have the possibility to view the status of issues (open, critical, close to expire, expired), you can view them one by one, filter and see the detail of each issue to perform the management that is required

  • It allows to store frequently asked questions in the knowledge base, where later they can be consulted and related to the incidents.
  • Management of the SLA
  • Contact us (from WEB site and replicated sites)

Our system has a module for Changes and Returns, where the following options are available:

  • Register all requests for changes and / or returns
  • Consult returns or pending changes, approve or reject them.
  • Creation of new orders for changes

At S4DS Software we know the importance that communication has within direct sales, this is why we have a wide variety of options to do so:

  • Autoresponders → These are emails that are configured in the system to be sent automatically after the execution of an event. Some examples are:
    • Purchase
    • Registration
    • Party Invitation
    • Reminders
    • Birthdays
    • Abandoned Cart
  • Timeline → You can make comments to the network or to specific people, react to other comments (Like), respond, share videos and photos.
  • Articles → The company has the possibility to share articles and news that are visualized in each person’s Dashboard when entering into the system.
  • Replicated sites → Those who have a replicated site, have the ability to customize the name of their site and the welcome message that is there.
  • User files → It is a module where the company can share folders with documents, images and other files to people that are registered according to their role.

We have a screen that has a complete visualization of all the activities carried out by a consultant within the system. From this screen you can search for a person by name, ID or internal code and you will find the following:

  • All personal information
  • Incidents reported or assigned to your name
  • Historically performed orders
  • Historically invoiced orders
  • Benefits
  • Referral program
  • Portfolio movements (payments, notes accountants)
  • Commissions movement
  • Timeline

All the information shown on this screen has totalized and detailed values, as well as quick accesses that allow each front to be managed. For example:

  • Generate invoices
  • Collection management Report
  • Generation of reports
  • Redirection to more detailed information
  • Links to edit information