Four ways S4DS Software solution improves employee’s experience and drives sales

Sales team celebrating milestones after implementing S4DS Software to improve employee experience

In S4DS we believe and have been building for decades that a seamless employee experience that ensures the well-being of millions of people lies the sustainability of all our businesses. 

With millennials and young professionals shifting the way employees relate to employers and job tasks, in today’s world, providing a consumer-like seamless experience during the working cycle is key. 

Just like customers, representatives and employees are expecting the flexibility that technology offers on daily tasks while prioritizing the alignment with the company’s goals and values to stay loyal.

Technology can drive the improvement of employee experience through digital transformation processes with automatization of operational business aspects, ease everyday tasks, and ensure the flexibility and opportunities for training and professional development that empowers also sales representatives, whether employees or independent, to drive sales and boost results.

S4DS solutions have been supporting the digital transformation processes and the implementation of omnichannel sales strategies for companies with Highly Complex Sales Environments for over 25 years. Our complete Software Solution for Retail and Direct Selling Models focuses on the main needs of your business with several modules that simplify workflows by automating processes so that your teams can focus on what they do best, sales growth strategies.

These are the top four processes that can be optimized by implementing S4DS Software Solutions for businesses with Highly Complex Sales Environments to improve employee experience:

  1. Order Entry for Multiple Sales Channels

Well-structured sales processes are essential to guarantee the operational efficiency of any company. Especially when implementing Multiple Sales Channels, Digital experiences, and/or Omnichannel solutions that are compliant with customers’ expectations and depend on real-time indicators and data that drive decisions. 

When your business is receiving huge loads of information from various origins from multiple sales channels online and offline like points of sale, eCommerce, and direct selling, these order management processes can be challenging for employees when managing order fulfillment and customer support. Outdated technologies, unclear sales processes, and complex information can ultimately lead to frustration, a decrease in sales, and poor customer service experiences.

S4DS’s  Order Entry Modules for Multiple Sales Channels allow full management of the sales operations from end to end. Within S4DS’s tools, it is possible to view and track all orders registered from different channels in real-time and through a single, unified platform that records any order from the moment they enter until they are invoiced and dispatched. 

Make your team’s everyday job of orders management more efficient by providing:

  • 360-degree view of all the business’s channels orders
  • A wide variety of filters, informative graphics, and report-generation tools
  • Quick access to edit the orders, see the detail and leave comments
  • Multiple flows to register orders, either by e-commerce, back office, social commerce, or points of selling locations
  • Customizable order flows for different offer types
  • Full inventory control when entering orders
  1. CRM for Successful End-to-End Customer Support Experiences

Keeping control over communications, customer support tickets, and customer information when managing big sales forces can be challenging. 

For sales representatives, having the right technological tools can become crucial to achieve full control over the general state of the client relationship, order status, and buying experience.

Leveraging an easy-to-use, centralized solution, ensures a smooth experience for savvy tech representatives and the best service to clients with timely communication, responses, and relief of any ticket. 

S4DS’s CRM module offers complete functionalities that allow the company to manage, communicate and monitor sales representatives and customers in real time:

  • Network Management: carry out administrative functions on networks (Marketing transfers, activation, and inactivation of roles while monitoring information)
  • Issues management: view the status of issues by list or one by one (open, critical, close to expiring, expired), filter, and see the detail of each issue to perform the management that is required
  • Exchanges and Returns: register all requests for exchanges and returns, review pending requests, approve or reject them, and create new orders as solutions for customers.
  • Interactions and Communications: create, manage and send autoresponders, messages on timeline, articles, replicated Sites, and user files.
  • Consultant Query: 360-degree visualization of activities carried out by sales representatives and employees in the system to drive decisions
  1. Training that Empowers Representatives

Training employees is important to develop professional opportunities in your sales force while they improve their skills to ultimately generate better results for the company. 

Leveraging technology to train representatives during onboarding processes and throughout the selling experience generates opportunities to improve professional skills without disrupting business processes or decreasing productivity, while closing social gaps and empowering people from any background with digital tools. 

Make the most of your employee’s and representatives’ ability to improve by implementing S4DS elearning modules, that offer different learning methodologies to keep the experience flexible and dynamic. 

  1. Payout Commission Engine that Drives Engagement

Establishing an achievable commission plan for your sales teams is a great way to keep them motivated. This in turn keeps your business income goals in line. 

Keeping up with compensation calculations, changes, and particularities over campaigns for commission payouts can be very challenging and with room for a lot of mistakes that can affect your business if done manually.

S4DS Software Solution makes it simple by automating the process of calculation and payout of commissions by easily allowing you to configure the rules from your compensation plan with a powerful engine that supports over 400 rules. 

 Manage and visualize the progress of your sellers within the compensation plan with a single tool that enables:

  • Management of indicators
  • Configuration of ranks or qualifications
  • Continuity of ranks to see the growth of our clients
  • Commission machine to configure all business rules
  • Detailed monitoring of sales cycles
  • Real-time calculations throughout the sales cycle
  • Indicator adjustments and re-calculation of commissions
  • Payment of commissions
  • Incentives
  • Conversion rate

And when this is all done, and your team has been retributed, analyze your commission’s history with a series of reports that collect the extract of commissions and the detailed commission with each indicator.

Watch firsthand what a complete software solution for Highly Complex Sales Environments may do to improve your employees’ experience.

With our powerful, Omnichannel software you will be able to ease the digital transformation of your business while accelerating your digital sales and improving your employees’ experiences to keep them motivated and driving results.

Experience the complete management of your sales process in one solution and watch how it can strengthen the potential of your representatives by optimizing typically manual processes so they may focus on what they can do best: drive sales. 

Keep your teams motivated, capable of communicating the brand message effectively with our tools for social selling training, and engaged with your company’s goals and values by providing them with the best possible technology to smooth their everyday tasks and improve productivity.

Experience the power of technology to change lives firsthand by scheduling your free demo today!