Top features that  Direct Sales and Retail can learn from a Direct-To-Consumer Approach

Sales Team Managing Their Sales Process Using S4DS Software Solution

In a world where the internet is available to virtually anyone and 81% of consumers plan to buy directly from brands in 2023, the Direct-to-consumer D2C strategy keeps gaining popularity.

With the Direct to Consumer approach as the sales model, brands control the end-to-end process of creating, marketing, and selling their products. Companies get to decide how they want to communicate their brand’s message, how to deliver value and allow flexibility for centralized customer support while gathering first-party data.

As D2C gains popularity, Direct Selling, Multilevel and Retail businesses can benefit greatly from adopting features and approaches to customers, data, and customer service from Direct to Consumer models. Direct Selling, Affiliate marketing, MLM, and Omnichannel Retail models offer excellent benefits for consumers and can adapt some practices to fit better their needs and, provide the best possible experience to stay relevant in the face of changing digital sales channels and competitive offers.

Strengthening their value offer to end-customer with top-quality products and services while putting in place omnichannel enhanced experiences and, building valuable relationships and communities based on what their corporate and brand values, principles, and mission are is key to achieving the gains and benefits from D2C into their businesses. 

Direct Selling Businesses and Retailers, can also benefit from providing flexibility in their buying process since D2C is leading the experience in that area. Learning what consumers want to buy, how they want to purchase it, and when they want it will make the difference in providing the best and most personalized possible customer experience in order to retain clients. Isn’t that what we all want in the end? 

In S4DS, for over 25+ years we have worked with Direct selling and retail companies, to stay ahead of these trends and ease their digital transformation journeys to become successful within Highly Complex Sales Environments. 

These are our top 3 features that Direct Selling Businesses and Retail can learn and apply from D2C models

1. Omnicanality

Consumers expect their experiences to be omnichannel as online and physical convergence trends rise. People want to be able to see a product in a store or experience center and then, check social media for influencers’ validation before purchasing online. 

Not providing this unified customer journey may cost you customers and hurt your reputation. Consider strengthening your business by being in contact with every touchpoint of your customers’ experience to learn their behavior throughout their buying process and provide them with better, personalized omnichannel purchase solutions.

With S4DS’s Software Solutions for Direct Selling your business can gain control over omnichannel customer experience and implement governance of your sales process to boost your company’s growth while maintaining impeccable customer service. 

Go Omnichannel and experience what leveraging your channel presence may do for your business in this mostly online world.

2. Decide What Your Brand Message and Customer Support Look Like

Consumers don’t want to buy from just anyone anymore. They are looking to create valuable, trustworthy relationships with the brands that they support. 

Reputation, sustainability, and social responsibility are more important than ever and, to transmit the right message to your audiences, you have to be in control of your end-to-end communication process. 

Being in control of the brand messages your sales force and representatives put out to the world and how they are shaped, the ideas they are meant to transmit, what channels to leverage, and how they connect with your potential clients is key.This also includes leveraging influencer and affiliate marketing to expand the reach of your brand while associating with industry voices that align with your DNA. 

rain your team and representatives, distributors, affiliates, salespeople, and influencers in social selling with S4DS training modules to become experts on how to leverage your brand’s message and reach the correct audiences to connect with your values and product advantages. 

Keep in mind, customers who identify with your values are more likely to keep coming back.

3. Gather First-Party Data to Upsell, Resell and Cross-sell

Know your customers. Tend to their needs.

It’s simple. If you know what your audience wants, you can provide it better and faster. Learn how they behave to optimize existing products and create new lines based on historical preferences. 

Accessing this detail of information, with traditional models used to be tricky. 

Nevertheless, new technologies and omnichannel solutions make it easier to collect this information directly without depending on third parties to obtain them. 

With S4DS, it is possible to maintain contact with the customer during every stage of the buying process through the communication modules and transmit the right messages directly or through representatives while collecting customer information and learning about their behavior.

S4DS’s system includes a 360° view of the business with a state-of-the-art reports module to build a knowledge base and a smooth Customer Support process. This is completed with a ticketing managing system to keep a completely supported experience when it comes to customer service and order management. What’s more, a fully integrated CRM makes it possible to send live communications to the entire client and representative database through different channels such as messaging, phone, and Emails to drive actions.

Experience what a complete software solution for Highly Complex Sales Environments may do to boost your business performance

Staying on top of market trends and Direct-to-consumer models may seem tricky at glance, but with the correct tools by your side, staying ahead of the game can be simple.

With our powerful, Omnichannel platform you’ll be able to ease the digital transformation of your business while accelerating your digital sales and enhancing your relationship with customers and sales teams. 

Achieve complete management of your sales process and minimize costs while strengthening the potential of your representatives and brand message with our tools for social selling and training capabilities.

Consumers prefer sellers who make their experience simpler. Let us be your partner in simplifying your process to smooth the buying journey.

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