Five Elements Any Successful Ecommerce Must Have

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Let’s face it. Running a competitive and successful ecommerce site in today’s world is a challenge.

Complex economic conditions, constantly changing consumer behaviors and younger generations leading the sales environment are part of what businesses are facing today when implementing and growing digital and alternative sales channels and empowering representatives on the digital transformation journey.

Yet, digital sales run and will continue to run the world for years to come. 

With over 50% of buyers making weekly purchases online, ecommerce taking up to 20% of all Retail Sales, and online Direct-To-Consumer sales reaching over $128 Billion dollars value in the US alone by 2021 according to Statista, e-commerce is the place to be. 

At S4DS, your success is our success, so, we’ll let you know what are our top five factors for success in eCommerce for early 2023

Let our 25 years of experience boosting sales for businesses with Highly Complex Sales Environments all over the world revolutionize your company’s strategy and let’s grow together. 

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1. Customer Acquisition: Make it more effective

We know how expensive it can be to get new customers.

Most of this cost comes from Marketing expenses to acquire new customers and retain them. It is imperative then, that you consider a strategy that compiles your Marketing Team, Tools, and Reports to make the best out of any situation, for a lower cost while making easier and more accurate decisions.

To achieve this, there are two driving factors: Branding and Marketing. 

Building a brand that directly relates to your customers is the most effective way to achieve trustworthy relationships that turn into sales. To measure the performance of your brand image, it is useful to measure search traffic, and brand mentions, and have guidance and control of the message your representatives, distributors, affiliates and influencers are sending to their customers in their Social Selling efforts in social media and messaging channels. 

In S4DS, we work to accompany and help your business in social selling training and can empower your Sales Team to leverage their marketing skills, storytelling capabilities, and influencer impact through social commerce to deliver a message that is aligned with your brand’s DNA with our Social Selling Solutions. 

What’s more, you can achieve comprehensive coverage of your sales processes by trying out our Marketing and Sales modules and empower your sales representatives to become social sellers for larger reach, leverage website positioning with Replicated and Influencer Sites, showcase your portfolio with the fully functional ecommerce platform that supports customizable catalogs and campaigns management with commercial push through end-to-end communication capabilities and knowledge bases in a single, ready-to-use software solution.

2. Sell, Sell and Sell Again! Get Those Ecommerce Repurchase Rates Up 

High Repurchase Rates are the foundation for almost any successful ecommerce.

Make your experience so enjoyable that customers will want to come back to your site all the time and buy new products. RJ Metrics data show that returning customers may spend as much as 300% more than new customers. 

See where we are going with this?

To achieve customer loyalty, and turn customers into sponsors you need to provide an impeccable customer experience, offer a wide product selection, be competitive in pricing, and have a great branding and marketing strategy. 

S4DS’s Ecommerce and Direct Selling Backoffices provide an integrated customer experience of the highest quality that allows you to manage catalogs, offerings, inventories, incentives, and commission plans along with many additional capabilities that aim to keep sales representatives, company employees, and final customers happy. 

Request a free demo today to experience an incredible ecommerce experience with replicated sites and influencer sites that personalize the experience and incentivize affiliation for new customers through the easy sign-up, sign-in, and path-to-payment workflows. 

3. The right tools for the best management 

For your e-commerce success, along with the balance of cost-revenue that your team so carefully implement for every product and campaign, you can make the most out of the least amount of tools possible to run your business at its max. Guess what? S4DS’s Software solution is a one-stop solution that allows you to manage your sales forces while covering all of your businesses process to empower your sellers and boost your company’s sales. All in one place and with ready-to-use, simple technology. 

With our modular implementation, you can have logistics administration, upselling and cross-selling enablement tools, balance/credit management functionalities, and a rule engine to manage offers, commissions, and incentive plans, amongst many others to not only make your ecommerce unique but ensure comprehensive control of your business.

It’s our ability to adapt to your business needs and scale and grow with your business, summed to the impact of your product in people’s lives that will make your ecommerce successful, and impactful for your representatives, affiliates, influencers, and ultimately your customers and product users. 

4. Payment Flexibility is your Ally

Younger customers want payment flexibility. A single credit card platform is just not enough. 

What’s more, payment flexibility and integration with different payment platforms help to assure  your business’s financial security. This includes making all your sales strategy omnichannel and mobile-friendly. 

Payment flexibility and fast and reliable information for distributors’ payouts just like multi-device performance and optimization are crucial to serving all your customers in their preferred shopping method. With S4DS’s multi-country, multi-currency ECommerce, your business can reach more customers with personalized experiences. Let’s talk about how our capacity to integrate with payment aggregators around the world makes it easier for your company to reach more customers and maximize your online direct-selling business. 

5. Maximize your Data analyses to make Better Decisions

Going forward without a data measurement strategy in today’s world is like going through life blindfolded. Knowing how your business is doing in real time allows you to make timely decisions. 

With a 360° overview of your e-commerce customer experience and business performance, you have all the information needed to drive your ecommerce to the next level. Our S4DS’s reports manager provides timely information and a complete reports Dashboard Module covering all the sales processes. 

You can then build knowledge from previews of Customer Support cases while fully attending open cases to provide impeccable customer service and learn from these requests to improve response times while obtaining a complete understanding of the company’s KPI’s general state.

S4DS’s Ecommerce for Direct Sales: All the functionalities you need in one platform to accelerate your digital sales

Our powerful, Omnichannel platform is your go-to technology solution to accelerate your digital sales and ensure a successful digital transformation process.

Let us show you how with our software you can leverage a fully functional ecommerce solution, added to the replicated sites and a company back office, to manage multiple sales channels (e-commerce, direct selling, physical locations) from a single 360° administrator while boosting your business sales processes.

Empower your representatives and provide the best customer experience with technology-based services that accelerate growth and minimize costs while strengthening the sales force’s potential.

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