Training Representatives to Communicate your Message Better: What We Learned On Direct Selling Association’s Vision 2023

S4DS team at Vision 2023: Sales and Marketing Event organized by Direct Selling Association in Provo, Utah

In November, we joined great industry allies, partners, representatives, and businesses in the Direct Selling Association’s Sales & Marketing Conference Vision 2023 hosted in Provo, Utah. The event was a great opportunity to meet with some of the top Direct Selling industry-leading companies and discuss what the future holds for direct sales. 

Our team learned from experiences and trends presented and discussed and, built understanding in crucial business areas about how we can continue helping Direct Selling Companies keep moving forward in terms of Communication, Sales & Marketing, and Technology & Operations. 

Here are some of our key takeaways from the event. Thanks in advance to DSA for hosting such amazing spaces.

Direct Selling Business’s Reputation is Shaped By How We Communicate our Stories

Reputation matters a lot in the Direct Selling Industry and the goal for the upcoming years in the industry is focused around improving direct selling reputation. 

Strengthening the messaging on the constant evolution and innovation of the industry, the trends adaptability, the business flexibility, and the digitalization of a business that has open hands for everyone companies can continue making their business model attractive to new generations. Investing in technology, innovative software like S4DS’s, and updating the marketing strategies to make them Social Selling friendly is key to achieving attractiveness and increasing growth. 

During Vision 2023, we had the chance to learn more about how to communicate compellingly to the world to bring potential representatives on board by presenting how they can move towards achieving their business goals through Direct Selling. 

Amongst the trends that were presented and that we believe are important for direct selling businesses to focus on and, teach their independent representatives, are optimization of body language for online sales streaming and product showcasing and, digital communication for live sales to fascinate clients and prospects, upgrading the mindset to overcome limiting beliefs and improving communication were some of the skills shared as top priorities on training efforts for Sales Teams. 

Along these lines, it’s what we have been building and offering our clients with our LMS, network management, and company files management solutions. We have developed complete tools to empower your sales force in communicating and sales skills and turning them into successful Social Sellers and Company Influencers along with your company efforts in marketing and training. Give us a call to learn more about S4DS’s Academy and our SaaS now!

How’s the Market Looking for 2023: Key Challenges and Tools to Keep in Mind 

In the event, direct selling leaders shared the implications and opportunities mentioned in the 2022 DSA Growth & Outlook Report. 

The report analyzes key data including annual market sizing and demographic characteristics that allow companies to create unique opportunities for specific targets.

This conversation turned around the gig economy and what Direct Selling can learn from it; what products and services are at the top of  the industry; key considerations to become more attractive to independent representatives and customers; identifying Customer Centricity and Social Commerce as keys to success for any Direct Selling Company; the growth rate of the industry in the years to come; and what the pandemic and social distancing years though us about flexibility and acceleration. 

Giving Your Salesforce Their Voices Back

Empowering direct sales representatives and training them on the use of corporate content, user-generated content, and curated content that is aligned with the company brand and values,  and teaching them how to build messages to transmit to their audiences is an integral approach to success with large independent sales forces.

Don’t restrict the information, but guide the representatives on how to replace confusing or negative messages with strategic and trust-enabling ones. 

Give representatives back their voices by training them on communication and sales skills with S4DS’s LMS. It is a complete solution where you can upload your company’s sales and communication courses, with your brand’s guidelines to empower your sellers and make them into the best speakers and influencers your business can achieve to transmit your brand’s message better.

Keep them connected with your company while evaluating their development through entertaining learning activities and evaluations that help them achieve their own goals and increase your sales.

S4DS’s Technology Is Your Best Ally in Keeping Up With the Future Marketing & Sales Trends

Technology is your direct selling’s business best tool for the upcoming trends as communication skills, Social Selling, Customer Centricity, and enhanced virtual experiences will  lead the markets. 

For S4DS, your success when facing these challenges is our goal. Let us help you encourage your Sales Representatives while making your employees’ lives easier with our complete, ready-to-use Saas Software for Direct Selling

Our powerful, Omnichannel platform allows you to manage multiple sales channels (e-commerce, direct selling, physical locations) from a single 360° administrator while boosting your business sales processes and enabling you to manage the sales force with technology-based services that accelerate growth and minimize costs while strengthening the sales force’s potential.

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