We have the following screens that will help you manage and visualize the progress of the distributors within the compensation plan of the company:
  • Management of indicators
  • Configuration of ranges or qualifications
  • Continuity of ranges to see the growth of our clients
  • Commission machine to configure all business rules
  • Detailed monitoring by sales cycles
  • Real-time calculations throughout the cycle
  • Indicator adjustments and re-calculation of commissions
  • Payment of commissions
  • Incentives
  • Conversion rate
We also have a series of reports that allow the analysis of the commissions:
  • Extract of commissions
  • Detailed commissions with each indicator
Establishing an appropriate commission plan for your sales force is an excellent way to keep them motivated to make sales.
This in turn keeps your business with your income goals. You should remember that a commission plan is an incentive tool to motivate your sales people.
With this in mind, you must make a commission plan that has realistic and achievable goals.

To involve people into your direct selling business, commissions play one the most important roles, your consultants have to have it clear from the beginning, this is a motivational factor that will have your distributors attached to your company or not (remember that they work for you but they are not fixed employees so you have to find the way to motivate your sales people so they find a way to stay with you).

Have into consideration that commissions help you motivate people but also do not get out of the road and give all to your consultants, this is a business and you have to get your profits as well.

Trying to find other motivational factors besides money are also important considering here so you succeed in direct selling industry.

Here are some basic steps that you should follow in order to organize your commission plan:

  1. Decide the compensation plan combination
  2. Determine when commissions are paid.
  3. Calculate your average monthly sales.
  4. Determine the average sales per employee.
  5. Determine realistic and achievable sales goals.
  6. Decide the commission levels.