How Direct Selling benefits from e-commerce to reach end customers and empower representatives

Sales representative checking out commissions calculation on S4DSs platform

e-Commerce and Social Commerce have been hot topics in Online Direct Selling for many years. We have been talking about the convergence of social media, where people go to spend their time on and stay updated, with e-commerce, the online platforms they go to buy from companies, for over ten years now. 

These are so powerful, even social media platforms began investing in social selling strategies and live shopping functionalities that allow them to keep traffic primarily within their systems. 

However, this model is still a growing field in the United States and Latin America compared to Asian countries, where social selling is the standard now. 

For 2023 Direct Selling businesses have an opportunity to innovate and lead online shopping retail by leveraging Micro-influencer and affiliate marketing strategies that are natural to the direct sales business model while making the best out of the social media platforms along with the consumer’s growing preference to buy directly on brand’s websites. 

In addition to that, providing consumers with an e-commerce channel that complies with the expectations of the end customer, consultants, and the company itself is a key factor in achieving and maintaining growth. 

The issue comes when the e-commerce is developed as a direct-to-consumer channel competing with the selling forces of direct selling models: the independent representatives. 

What if we told you that an e-commerce channel doesn’t need to be a competitor of your sales representatives? Instead, making it into an additional tool to drive sales while keeping the customer experience and the well-being of the consultants at the top of the priorities is possible with S4DS’s E-commerce Platform. 

Five things Direct Selling Businesses can do to benefit from an e-commerce strategy

1. Have an e-commerce channel backed up by social selling techniques

Make the best out of your sales force’s potential! 

Representatives are your biggest asset. Create your E-commerce Channel for Direct Selling while keeping their social selling skills in the middle of the strategy.

  • Train them on how to sell on social media 
  • Constantly update them on guidelines and best uses of your brand’s messages
  • Explain to them, in-depth how your compensation plan works so they can make the best of it to keep achieving their goals effectively and becoming ambassadors for your brand.
  • Train them on how to use technology to their advantage and how your e-commerce works for them and not the other way around. 

By creating replicated sites, influencer sites, and automatic checkout processes that allow customers and representatives to associate a sale to a specific consultant, you may also incentivize the leverage of the channel to broaden its reach breaking logistic and geographical boundaries to attain their customers where THEY want to buy. 

This altogether makes them even better sellers and eases your logistic processes to make your company more profitable on the way. 

Learn how S4DS’s Social Selling Modules, e-commerce, and personalized LMS can provide the tools and the training your sales force needs to skyrocket your result by booking a free demo today!

2. Maximize your Business Intelligence

Knowing is power!! Make the best possible decisions for your business with all the information you need. 

Gathering end customers, sellers, influencers, and affiliates’ behavioral and buying information is possible and easy with S4DS’s e-commerce, replicated sites, and back offices for Direct Selling Businesses. 

You and only you are in control of the end-to-end touchpoints of the buying journey

S4DS’s Business Intelligence tools gather 360° information about the company and provide live performance indicators with the status of the most relevant operation activities. Additionally, historical business reports are available and downloadable. Inbox reporting can be sent to specific users periodically with the role access manager. 

Schedule a call to experience firsthand how your Direct Selling Business may benefit from our reporting modules.

3. Have your own e-commerce website and promote it through social media

Clients prefer to buy directly from the brand’s website but they arrive mostly from social media channels.

Not being on social media is simply not an option. Instead, maximizing your reach through social channels to attain more buyers and redirect them to your corporate website (or replicated websites), where they can buy directly and tag the purchase to their consultant of preference is a great strategy. 

Make sure you provide uninterrupted customer journeys where navigating social media, finding information about your business through an influencer’s profile, and moving forward to e-commerce to finish the purchase with replicated websites and personalized URLs. Remember, the easier the journey, the more probability for a successful buy. 

Using influencer shopping lists or prebuilt combos of products discussed through social media is a good way to incentivize conversions.

Check out our influencer sites, replicated sites, and preconfigured combos for affiliates and end customers live by scheduling a free demo right now! 

4. Reach a new and larger universe of clients 

An online presence allows you to reach potential clients anywhere. S4DS’s multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-country e-commerce is perfect to target a whole universe of clients that traditional Direct Selling Channels may have difficulty reaching. 

With S4DS’s e-commerce, any time a new client arrives and if they do not know a consultant, you can assign them with business rules to the best representative for them, to give them the best e-commerce experience along the unparalleled service of direct sales. 

This turns your e-commerce into a supporting tool to recognize their selling efforts and takes it out of the competing channel character while the company keeps growing its reach with

  • Search engine optimization efforts to position your e-commerce
  • Friendly URLs that make finding your website easier
  • Marketing campaigns and communications that can be created and managed from your company’s back office

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Experience firsthand why S4DS’s e-commerce is the best fit to grow your company’s sales while empowering representatives.

S4DS’s Ecommerce Solution maximizes your representative’s sales through a Direct to Consumer approach added to replicated and influencer sites strategy for them to leverage their social selling skills. 

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