Your guide to Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling

Your guide to Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling

The growth of social media networks has allowed for the evolution of unique marketing strategies implemented by companies. One of these unique strategies is the use of influencers, individuals who obtain fame through elevated amounts of followers, as a way to reach and persuade consumers when trying to advertise. 

How are influencers good for Direct Selling?

According to an infographic created by SmallI Biz Genius, 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers to make a buying decision. The percentage of consumer reliance on influencers is high because individuals consider them as experts in topics such as beauty, health, and fashion, amongst others. Due to their considered expert knowledge, influencers attract more followers. The trust generated amongst consumers by influencers leads to consumers being more receptive when it comes to product recommendations or tips, a plus when trying to implement Social Selling in Direct Selling and generate trust between consumers and your company. 

How to choose the right influencer for your company. 

Making sure you choose the correct influencer as a bridge between your company and your clients is essential when determining the success of your social selling strategy as well as the engagement you receive from consumers. If you are asking yourself how you can make sure you are choosing the right influencer for your company, keep reading, we have created a handy guide to Influencer Marketing in Direct Selling.


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and much more with S4DS’s influencer e-commerce service.

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