S4DS Calendar Tool – Software for MLM Companies

S4DS software has a Calendar functionality that allows consultants to organize their time, schedule personal events, meetings with their teams and parties to sell the products.

s4ds calendar


This tool is mainly used in the Party Plan model, because by using the calendar consultants can arrange Parties to sell the products. They can schedule virtual and home parties and have the possibility to create host sites. These sites allow the hosts to invite their families and friends to the parties, to place the orders online and to access the host discounts and rewards.

S4DS Calendar module meets, on the one hand, the needs of a Party Plan business model, with functionalities such as invitations, reminders, Thank You emails, online orders, etc. And on the other hand, it can also be used in the other Direct Selling models like the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and Flat models, as it allows to create personal and group events. In the Flat model, for example, the zone managers can schedule their own visits and the ones of the people in their teams and organize them according to the type of visit they have to do.

Furthermore, the consultants/associates of the Multilevel Marketing companies can timetable personal and/or group events that can contribute to build up and boost they network and sales.

Additionally, and regardless the business model used by each company, all of them can schedule events for their consultants. For example, the annual meetings, which usually are a very important event in the Direct Selling Industry.

The Calendar is one of the tools S4DS offers to facilitate the work of consultants in all the different model of the industry: Party Plan, MLM and Flat models.

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